How to Keep your Ministry Unhealthy

Be a blessing to your ministry.


I have read from Doug Fields’ book about Youth Ministry that in America, churches are facing problems regarding people in the ministry who abuses minors. According to him, incidences like these happen just because of failure to screen the “ministers” properly. It is frustrating to hear that the ministries that are supposed to give glory to God are also, in other way, the reasons why people turns away from God. Instead of becoming healthy for God, they are becoming unhealthy ministries.I am not referring to any particular ministerial group. I just felt the urge of expressing my viewpoints on how to keep a ministry strong and healthy. I am just beginning to experience God in my teaching ministry and I am not yet exposed to lots of professional ideas regarding service to God. And these are just my own principles (if you want to follow the pattern of the world for your ministry) on how to keep your ministry (as an individual or a group working for God’s kingdom) unhealthy.

Doubt. Doubt that God has the power to do the impossible for your ministry. Doubt that He can change the hearts of your audience. Doubt that He is omnipotent. Doubt — that’s the first thing you have to do in order to keep your ministry unhealthy.

Entertain gossips. Gossips are one of the most effective ways to ruin your relationship with God and with other people, especially with your co-workers in Christ. If you are determined to maintain an unhealthy ministry, just listen at the gossipers around. however, there’s a more effective way: spread gossips yourself.

Be ineffective. Working for God’s kingdom requires wholehearted devotion, and to keep it unhealthy, one of the easiest things to do is to sit back, relax, and let others do the job God has given you. Be a burden. this will make things burdensome for others and and it will surely make your ministry a failure.

Be proud and arrogant. God detests arrogance. Treasuring up pride and arrogance in your heart will surely keep you off track on God’s purpose. Look on your co-workers with contempt. Depend only on yourself. But be prepared for God’s judgment.

Wander around the vision. All ministries (actually, even secular organizations) have a vision for hem to grasp in order not to wander away from their primary purpose. Thus, it will be of help if you will fill up your mind with Satan’s lies regarding your ministry. Don’t follow the instruction “Catch the vision” by your ministry leader.

Live an unhealthy lifestyle.
To complete the list, it is but logical to say that in order to keep the results unhealthy, be unhealthy yourself. Live a life unworthy of the calling you have received (Note: Unworthy!) if you are called to be “someone”, deviate from being that “one”. Indulge yourself in debauchery, lust, greed, etc. Make your lifestyle unpleasant to others.

To sum it all, in order to make your ministry a failure, just disregard the blood of Jesus. Don’t waste any effort to think abouth what He has done on that cross to save you from the fires of hell.

Ministries are given by God, and are meant for God. He is the one who gave us the abilities and personalities to fit into a ministry where we’ll be useful and will be a blessing.

Don’t think about how good He was, how good He is, and how good He will be. Don’t believe His powers and ignore His call. Wait for His second coming unprepared. And when you see yourself heading towards the direction of a wide opening towards hell, when you see yourself swimming in the burning sulfur, and when you meet Satan congratulating you for a job well done, then you can proudly say that your goal to keep your ministry unhealthy is abig success.

Ministries are given by God, and are meant for God. He is the one who gave us the abilities and personalities to fit into a ministry where we’ll be useful and will be a blessing. However, it is too discouraging to see ministries fail because the people who are supposed to be working for God are already working for themselves. Ministries should be God-led. It should be focused on God. It should be seeking the power of God. It should show the awesome works of God.

It is not yet late for a change. Be a blessing to your ministry. Surely, God will bless you also. Call onto God and He will keep your ministry in tact and heading towards God’s ultimate plan. By the way, ministries are God’s, not ours. And the word unhealthy is inappropriate for His ministry.

Author: Marts Valenzuela

To know Christ and make Him known.

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