Remembering my First Prayer Meeting Message

Are You Ready For Miracle?


Sorry for the VILMANIANS but the title of my message is:


I don’t know about Nora Aunor and what makes her the acclaimed superstar, but one thing I know that makes her famous is her dialogue “WALANG HIMALA! ANG TAO ANG GUMAGAWA NG HIMALA! WALANG HIMALA!” If you can relate to what I’m saying, I cannot, Maka-Marian po kasi ako.


The people nowadays are being caught up in lies and deceits of the enemy. The people believe and claim even the smallest act of unnatural occurrence as a miracle. The sad part, they end up as followers of wrong and blind guides.

PETER’s Miraculous Escape from Prison
ACTS 12: 1-19

I. The DEMAND for Miracle (vs.1-5)
A. The Church leadership was attacked
i. James was put to death
ii. Peter was imprisoned
iii. The Church was persecuted.

B. The enemy was pleased
i. To gain support and political power
ii. To shame the Church
iii. To denounce the Truth

II. The WONDER of Miracle (vs. 6-12)
A. The miracle happened on God’s TIME
The night before the public trial, not right after Peter was arrested.
Sometimes, or most of the time, the answer to our prayers takes time.
God’s silence doesn’t necessarily mean NO. He is just letting our FAITH grow. Faith is dependence to God that no matter how long our prayers would take, God is still in control.

B. The Miracle happened on God’s MIGHT
It happened completely, wonderfully, mightily — passing all the guards and obstacles.
When God makes miracles, he adds no trouble to it.
That’s why it is called MIRACLE, because no man or thing can do it just the same God does it; genuine and God-given miracles cannot be explained by human reasoning logic.

C. The Miracle happened on God’s PURPOSE
It happened different from what the enemy is anticipating. King Herod has his own intentions, but God has His purpose.
God gives miracles to display His power and to advance His kingdom.
When God answers prayer, it follows that we should testify about it. Peter DID NOT go first to the synagogue to PREACH about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, but went to the PRAYER MEETING to TESTIFY.

III. The ATTITUDE on the Miracle (vs. 13-19)
>>> What a sad comment it is on human nature that although the church prayed for Peter’s miraculous deliverance, they seemed unable to believe it when God brought it about. In fact, Peter appeared to have more trouble getting into prayer meeting that he did in getting out of prison.

Astonished: Stroked with sudden wonder or surprise.
Although this is natural reaction, we should focus more on the ONE who gave us the miracle, not on the miracle alone.
We should not sensationalize the Miracle, but should Worship the Miracle-giver.

C. Some DENOUNCED the Miracle
Obviously, the enemy will try to thwart everything the Lord has done, but the genuineness of the miracle is more powerful the any plans of the enemy.

In LUKE 22: 54- 23: 12, 3 great miracles happened without anyone recognizing it.

1. When the guards blindfolded Jesus and beat him up, they insulted him by demanding that he should prophesy in front of them. They don’t know that outside the house of the High Priest, a man was bitterly weeping outside because what Jesus has said about him that he would betray Jesus 3 times came to happen.

2. When Jesus was brought before Pilate and Herod, the worst enemies became friends.

3. When the chief priests demanded Jesus to prove that He is really the promised Messiah, he is already fulfilling what was prophesied about him — the greatest miracle of all — suffering for the sins of the worst sinners, which includes you and me.

>>> We are all products of miracles, so we should never doubt these miracles. These miracles are proven and revealed to us by God‘s Holy Words. MAY HIMALA! MANIWALA!

Are You Ready For Miracle?

Author: Marts Valenzuela

To know Christ and make Him known.

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