Embarking on a Journey to Financial Wisdom

The first time I saw the poster about Biblical Financial Study series, I know that I have to be there. I immediately inked my planner on March 10 for the orientation and grabbed few of my pals to hear for ourselves what the course has in store for us.

Prompted by my desire to be more financially wise and stable, and my innate curiosity to learn, my friends and I headed to Marikina Christian Fellowship Center. The orientation has not started yet when we arrived, and I don’t know why I am so expectant during that time, like a child waiting for his birthday presents.

As the program commenced, I looked around the place. I can easily count the number of participants – not more than 20. I guess the seminar topic isn’t really that much appealing to others, considering it is also being promoted on air thru DZAS. Or maybe, the marketing isn’t that much effective. But that is least of my concerns. I just couldn’t wait for the program specifics of the series of seminar I am committing myself into.

The orientation highlights the testimonies of two previous students of BFS (who will also be small group facilitator in the actual sessions) and presentation of the course outline.

Some of the most remarkable things I have pondered on the testimonies that night are as follows:

“Give and give until it hurts… Give and give until it hurts no more”

“When you give God your tithe, that doesn’t mean you have the complete authority over the remaining 90 percent. All 100 percent of what you have is God’s.”

I then concluded to myself – this will really be life-changing and habit-forming!

Ptr. Mark Aranal, or more fondly called “Direk Mark” and the one to conduct the BFS, introduces the course outline which includes lesson on Debt, Honesty, Giving, Work, Investing and Spending, among others.

I am all the more excited for the following weeks to come.


3 thoughts on “Embarking on a Journey to Financial Wisdom

  1. Keep us posted as you follow this program. I have been a follower of Dave Ramsey for years and his programs are very Bible based and sound. I haven’t heard of this one and would like to compare. Good luck on your journey!


    • Thanks for your interest in my post! What I’m planning to do is just blog about what I’ve learned from the program. And oh! This is the first time I have encountered Dave Ramsey, I’m gonna check on his site as well.


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