The Fear of the Unknown


Nothing is frightening to me than the fear of the unknown. While some people are afraid of heights, spiders, loneliness or death, my greatest fear is the unknown. It’s not about not knowing my fears yet, but fearing what is yet to be revealed. This unknown paralyzes people who are too concerned about their future and how things will unfold. It’s about wanting to take a peek of what is hidden and not being able to do so bothers them until it causes mini-paranoia. I admit, I have this kind of fear somewhere within my heart.

How many times have you thought about your future? “What will happen after graduation? Where will this job take me? Is there still hope for our situation? What’s in store for me?” This and all related questions bring us somewhere within the boundary of holding on to your faith and letting go of it. A very dangerous place to be! When you see yourself hanging on by a thread from entrusting your unknown future to a God you cannot physically see nor audibly hear, it is as if you are standing at a crossroad, and sooner or later you need to decide which way to go. Will you still trust God or just go your own way instead?

I have lots of plans. I had this prayer that I want to earn my first million in my early twenties. Since my course doesn’t lead to a board examination after graduation, I challenged myself to take another degree and pursue a professional license. I want to help my family the best way I can. I want this, I want that – but God has a different plan. Until now, I am still far off from where I first envisioned myself to be, but I took a step of courage and chose God’s plan instead. Slowly, fear has been replaced with faith, worry with worship and pressure with praise. It may be a long, agonizing process but I’m glad I’m making progress.

Each passing day offers a challenge of its own. Sometimes things get rough and sometimes plain and easy. Yet no matter the difficulty, they are still hurdles to overcome and can be entrusted to God. Indeed, “I may not know what the future holds but I know who holds the future.”

And even if my plans fail, His plans never will.


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