Mga Batang Superbook Unite!

Nowadays, it is not only the parents and the teachers who influence and teach virtues to the children. The media has also become an active participant in leading a child to proper values education. I am grateful for having parents who taught me how should I behave as a kid then – that I should respect the elderly, to be obedient, to be polite and to be God-fearing, among others.

I remember one of our bonding moments when I was a kid is by watching educational TV shows together. Among my favorites then were Batibot, Sesame Street, the educational programs of ABS-CBN and Superbook. Actually I can claim that I learned some of my foundational lessons in front of the television. (Note: guided TV watching, I may say).

When I learned that Superbook will be re-aired and rehashed – the Superbook Reimagined, I felt a bit excited. Its as if my childhood memories with the series is to be reborn, in a digitally-improved animation! I’m going to see Chris, Joy and Gizmo and their biblical time travel experience once again! If you remember these cartoon characters, then your childhood is awesome!

Meet the gang: Chris, Joy and Gizmo

As I mature, I learned that Superbook is more than just a cartoon with positive message. It is more than just story telling. What Superbook does is more like gospel sharing in a language that children can easily understand. It appeals to the children’s eyes with its visuals, to their emotions with its lessons, and most importantly to their hearts with its message – the message of the gospel. Moreover, the ministry of Superbook touches not just the children but extends to their families as well.

The desire of CBN Asia Inc., the organization behind the animated series, is to continue to expand the ministry of Superbook. “Since the first airing of Superbook on Philippine TV, it has reached millions of families, with over 80 million viewers the past year alone,” says John Tan, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of CBN Asia Inc. “That is an amazing number of people watching the Gospel every week and our hope is that we will be able to continue doing that,” Tan continued.

That is why Chris, Joy and Gizmo is calling us to partner with them in bringing the good news of the gospel by allowing them to continue their airtime. CBN Asia Inc. has officially launched the Superbook SuperGifts website where fans can join in and partner in bringing God’s love to Filipino kids any time, wherever in the world they are.

The SuperGifts website will not only enable people to donate to Superbook and help continue its airing, mall tours and outreaches, but will also provide Christian materials for children to enjoy. For every donation given through the website, children and their families can enjoy DVD episodes of the animated series, discussion guides, and new limited edition character figurines. “We hope to provide great Christian materials so they can use it for their families, churches, and schools,” he added.
“I hope that they will continue to partner with us because the task is great,” Tan concluded. However, at present time, SuperGifts can only be shipped to a physical Philippine address.

Be a partner!

The Superbook crew welcomes us to become their partner in accomplishing the task of spreading God’s love and giving hope to children. “God has a great plan for them. He loves them, cares for them and He will be there–now that they are children until they grow old and have their own families. The assurance of God’s love is what we are trying to convey. By partnering with us using the SuperGifts website and donating to the cause, you will really help us in pursuing God’s call to CBN Asia.”

You may visit the Superbook SuperGifts website ( to be a part of sharing God’s great love to Filipino children!

© All photos are property of CBN Asia Inc.


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