AlDub: A Breath of Fresh Air

Fan boy mode activate.


And now the social media world has been flooded with posts and tweets on the newest love team sensation. Who could have imagined an accidental split screen experiment will turn out to be one of the most loved, most talked-about love team in the history of Philippine media?

For over two months, AlDub’s fame has reached heights no one has ever expected. Day in and out, men and women, both young and old, unites together to bring AlDub-related hashtags at the pinnacle of the world’s attention (at least in Twitter). As a result of their fame, the newest love team received two TVC offers, and is expected to receive more in the coming days.

This is the power of media, and I reckon, social media. It unites people into a common cause. And in the case of Alden and Maine, it is overwhelming that Filipinos all over the world has stirred the internet in this new “fan-nomenon”. Clearly, this reveals two things: First, we are a nation who loves to be entertained, and second, we value relationships highly. It is a huge bonus that both are present in our beloved KalyeSerye.

I happen to read about one snide remark that says million tweets and ratings are not important, what’s important is ‘good vibes’. Whatever ‘good vibes’ mean, I believe the massive support KalyeSerye is gaining right now is more than an indication of ‘good vibes’ it brings to people. But more than that, I am overwhelmed by the values and the lessons the KalyeSerye is inculcating in the minds of its audiences, particularly the younger ones.

In today’s society where relationships can be instant, it is very notable how KalyeSerye teaches us to wait for the right time and perfect moment, sa tamang panahon as they put it. Somehow, KalyeSerye redeems us to be a society who patiently waits for the right time, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. It teaches us to respect, to listen and obey to instructions, to forgive, and to love unconditionally, all within the context of laughter mixed with tears and giggles. Even the very act of pagmamano is being encouraged by the show! Indeed, this is a breath of fresh air!


Now on their second monthsary, this loveteam continues to soar, and from the looks of it, it seems to be no longer just a loveteam for reel but for real! First time in the history of Philippine noontime show will an accidental loveteam become a true-to-life couple, with all its fandom rallying behind them showering them with support and encouragement. But we can only wish. Ever since its popularity surfaced, AlDub has stirred creativity, wit and talents from people who admire them. How much more when they are already out of their respective characters and just be true with their feelings?

Our beloved KalyeSerye and the characters behind, particularly Alden and Maine, will continue to dominate social media in the next few weeks, or months. The fad will surely cease sometime, but even when that day comes, we will always be grateful for the opportunity that we have had a breath of fresh air and a source of pure inspiration and emotional bliss.


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