What Stands in Between?

What stands in between

We all have dreams we want to pursue. These dreams are always fueled by situations we want to change. Perhaps it is a desire to be enormously rich because you are fed up with day to day financial struggles you face. Or you want to be prominent in your chosen career, motivated by the aspiration to prove that you are not worthless like some people think of you.  Or probably, you are eager to build a near-perfect family in the future as you try to escape a depressing experience as you are growing old. Or maybe, you just want to know what it means to “be there”.

We chart our own course as we go along the road towards the fulfillment of our dreams. We fill our mind with daily motivation and strength to keep us going. Like an automobile that continues to move towards the direction set by the driver, we keep on driving our vehicle of ambition, never stopping until we get there. And when our fuel runs dry, we remind ourselves the satisfaction we will have when we finally “get there”. We are again filled up to the brim, enough to keep us moving until our next stop. Little by little, we are making progress. We get tired, but at least we are happy.

In all of this, we believe that God is there at the destination, looking at us, pleased with the progress we are making. We envision Him as an ever-supportive Father who wears a huge smile on His face every time we pass every hurdle on the road, or as we go from one life pit stop to another.

This is true for most of us.


But what if along the way, you are forced to make a huge stop on your journey? In other words, what if the dreams you are following all your life is not really meant for you to pursue in the first place? There is an obstruction to the road you are trudging that you have no choice but to remain immobile from where you stopped, to persist on keeping your track no matter how illogical it may seem to do, or make a heartbreaking U-turn, leaving your prior sacrifices of no value (or at least you think).

This time, we begin to ask questions. And also in this time, we begin to doubt God’s intentions.

If God is for us, then why does He allow obstructions in our journey? If God wants us to be happy, then why are there blockages towards our dreams? Why is God standing between us and what makes us happy?

Christian living is sometimes marked with seasons of loneliness, of physical exhaustion, heartbreaks and occasional faith wanderings, but we are sure we can go along with these. We can bear the heavy burden of living because we believe that we are pleasing God with our service and in return, He will grant us the fulfillment of our dreams. Yet there are times we fail to see past our own visions of what a full life means. We long to posses our own version of Promised Land. However, sometimes, what God has in mind is different from what our eyes can see.


We build our dreams so high that we fail to see past the walls of our own version of Promised Land. We think that when we have become enormously rich, or prominent, or when we already have a near-perfect family, we are already accomplished in life. We have defined God’s destiny for us, and we do our best to reach that destination we have coursed for ourselves. And when things get rough, when we cannot even move an inch towards that dream, we blame God for blocking the way, standing in between our current state and desired destination.

But the truth is most of the time the dreams we want to pursue is the very thing that stands in the gap between us and God’s version of Promised Land. It is what we hold on too tightly that keeps us away from God’s dream for us. When we continue to move towards the direction of our desired destination without being aware of God’s dream for us, chances are we get frustrated that we have exchanged everything for something of little value compared to what God has in store. Bear in mind that God does not enforce His will on us, no matter how much He loves us, because He wants us to choose for ourselves.

God’s dream for us is far better than we can ask or imagine. It is far beyond what our minds can conceive. We can dream big, but God’s dream is bigger! When we say we want to live a full life, He will just say He longs to give it to you too. He is pleased with our service, but we do not serve Him in exchange for His rewards. He rewards us as we get to know Him better, relate to Him deeper and walk with Him always. God would rather walk with you from day to day than for you to treat Him as a distant Divine Figure waiting for you to make progress, or unfortunately to stumble.


Going back to the scenario earlier: you can either move forward, towards your own crafted path, and lose what God has prepared for you; or remain immobile, stagnate and be bitter in life; or take a U-turn, go along the path coursed by God and wait until He manifest the grandeur of His plans for you.

Which do you think best reflects your current situation? Do you think God is standing in between you and your dream? Or is it your dreams that stand in between you and God?


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