Three Episodes of Unrequited Love

Unrequited love it is
now I have to let you go.

Three Episodes of Unrequited LoveEp 1

It started with a smile,

that faint smile you returned

as I gaze upon your eyes.

That smile that stirred

a dozen feeling of surprise

and of wonder –

do you even remember

how I long to surrender

my heart, my all in all

as I promise you forever?

But what I received instead

is your faint smile, and a goodbye.

Ep 2

Through the seasons

emotions have confirmed

My spirit’s been filled

to the brim, overflowing;

my feelings for you

just keep on growing.

This is something I can’t hide

no more holding back!

But when I begin to reach out

You insisted I should stop.

Bewildered, taken aback –

why does it have to feel like an attack?

Ep 3

There’s a joy that screams within

and pushes me to be bolder.

I must tell you how I feel –

it is now or never!

I don’t want to digress

from this desire to express

my love, my devotion,

my sincerest affection

but you just sternly said ‘no’

even before I let you know.

Unrequited love it is

now I have to let you go.

Author: Marts Valenzuela

To know Christ and make Him known.

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