Train of Thanks 01

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

I’ve been planning of to do this series for a long time but procrastination has taken over me – sa mahabang panahon! There were blessings in the past, both big and small, yet I wasn’t able to declare my how grateful I am for all those blessings. Beginning this Monday, , I’d like to put pressure on myself so I can get more things done. Enough of pabebe days. Haha!

So what are the things that I am thankful for this week? Let me recall…

  1. I got a new buddy to help me in my tasks! Yay! This means, more blogs to post, maximized internet connection (and fee) and more encouragement/pressure to finish my long overdue dream book! Isama na lahat ng pwedeng trabahuhin! De joke lang.
  2. I happen to pass by Book Sale in SM City Taytay (my first time to visit the place) and saw a book entitled Your Money Map by Howard Dayton, CEO of Crown Financial Ministries. Upon skimming the contents, I’ve learned that this book complements my lessons from Biblical Financial Study course I completed a few months back. I feel pumped up! Na hindi ko rin alam kung bakit. Haha
  3. New set of friends! My P.S.A. /blogger friends who are so warm-hearted and welcoming plus a great source of hugot lessons and encouragement + tons of tawa and sabaw moments.
  4. PayPal payment from my client. I am a part-time VA at night actually, and receiving a notification from PayPal is a delight. Hallelujah!
  5. This Sunday’s topic about priorities is ‘dart sa heart’. At the end of the message, it made me evaluate all my decisions in the past and my desires for the future. Am I really giving God the credit due Him as evidenced by my priorities? Something to ponder.

And in all of this, the highest praise is to God!

How about you, what are you thankful for the past week?

– Marts 

Author: Marts Valenzuela

To know Christ and make Him known.

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