Chains of Love

Chains of LoveDon’t withhold from me your captivating eyes

For in them I’ve found a sanctuary of I can call mine.

Your gaze, though not for me, keeps me mesmerized;

Makes me feel every single moment worthwhile.


Ordinary days turn special and memorable

Whenever I see you, you make me feel vulnerable.

You have stabbed my heart with your smile

And when you come near me, I’m always left beguiled.


Riches and glory, for sure were offered to you.

Your admirers, I believe, were never few.

But though I may not have what others can give,

Still I will offer my love emotions can’t keep.


A very special person you are to me.

To be with you forever is what I long to be.

I’m bound in chains of love, bound because I love you;

And I’m willing to remain this way ‘til you feel the same way too.


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