Basically my niche is more on inspirational posts.

I stumbled upon this blog link-up series called  #YouBlogYou where you just blog about yourself as a blogger. I believe that through this series, I’d be able to know myself more when it comes to blogging. Through this series, I’m pretty sure I’ll learn a lot from my fellow, more experienced bloggers.

You Blog You Vol 1This series requires us to answer 11 questions in relation to our blog itself or as a blogger personally. Let’s get it on!

1. What inspired you to blog?

I really love to write. Prior to blogging, most of my poems and notes were written on a tickler or at the back of my high school “Bayani Fernando” notebook. Initially blogosphere for me is a place to preserve my poems but when my friends started to give comments for my write-ups, I am encouraged to blog so I can share my ideas, reflections and random thoughts inside my head.

2. When did you start blogging?

I can no longer remember the exact year but I began posting articles online since Multiply days. Then come Facebook Notes. I am actually double-minded when it comes to where I want to post my posts, hopping from Weebly to Blogspot and finally to free WordPress (right now I am still contemplating to revert my page to Blogspot again), so I find it hard to trace back when was the first time I started blogging. Only this year I’ve resolved to blog on a more serious note.

3. What’s the topic you enjoy blogging the most?

I am a reflective person and so most of my blogs are about my personal devotions and spiritual reflections. I also enjoy writing about relationships and any significant life events I can relate to what I read from the Bible. So basically my niche is more on inspirational posts.

4. How long does it usually take you to finish a blog post?

Haha! When procrastination takes the best of me, I usually spend a week or more for a single topic though it keeps on lingering on my mind. But when my creative juices keep on oozing, I can finish a post in a day or two, especially when I have my Aha! moments.

5. If you were to name three (3) goals you want your blog to achieve next year, what would it be?

  1. Consistent blog posting!
  2. Significant increase in pageviews and subscriptions
  3. Do sponsored posts

6. Does your family know about your blogging career? Why or why not?

Yes, they know about me blogging but they see it only as my hobby. While they know that I blog, they care less about what I write and they don’t read my blogposts mainly because my parents are not into internet or social media and my brother has different interests.

7. Which blog or blogger inspires you the most?

My friend and co-writer on our student publication, Aika Loraine  has inspired me to be active in blogging again. Then I was introduced to Doc. Eamer and his group of bloggers Philippine Singles Association, now my circle of blogger friends. When it comes to content and presentation, I admire Ms. Rej’s superaena.com because of its neatness and striking photographs, something that I really want to apply on my own blog.

8. What is the greatest achievement your blog has received? If you haven’t got any, what would be the achievement you’d want to receive?

I haven’t received any achievement yet aside from the usual notifications from my free WordPress but if there’s a roster for the most influential bloggers in the Philippines, I’d love to belong on that list.

9. What is your best viewed post? Share it with us by providing a hyperlink and a short description about it.

I don’t have wide readership yet so my best viewed (in my case, commented) post is in Facebook Notes, entitled Letter to my God’s Will. As the title implies, this is my hopeless romantic litany to and for my future someone. First published December 29, 2009, I tried to re-publish it using my WP blog. My post about AlDub and Why We Love Them also rode the bandwagon, and I think there is no need for an explanation why it ranks as one of my best viewed WP post.

10. If you were to give out three (3) advises for newbie bloggers, what would it be?

  1. Content and consistency plays a major role for your exposure
  2. Be friendly with other bloggers. Interact, be courteous and be an encouragement to other bloggers
  3. Just pour out your heart to what you are doing. Nothing is more rewarding than doing what you love most.

11. If you were to give out three (3) advises for yourself as a blogger, what would it be?

  1. Be consistent. Utang na loob. Haha!
  2. Never stop learning! Allot time for self-development and stick to it.
  3. You have something to say. Never believe the idea that your voice is insignificant. Minsan kasi I feel so insecure.

That’s it for now! Til next part of the series! 🙂

Should you wish to join this link-up series, please feel free to click the image below. #YouBlogYou!

You Blog You

Author: Marts Valenzuela

To know Christ and make Him known.

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