Train of Thanks 08

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

A very busy week filled with bright colors, laughter and loud music – at least that’s how most of the celebrated their Christmas week. Mine’s a bit different for a Yuletide celebration. Yet still, God is good! In good times and the bad, He never fails to be good!

  1. Halfway in preparation for our Noche Buena, my mother complained about sudden pain on her abdomen and hip. So I advised her to refrain from what she’s doing and take a rest instead. Kaya yung sopas na hinahanda niya nauwi sa ginisang gulay, para hindi masayang 🙂 We’ve found out that she’s suffering from UTI. Being almost bedridden for a couple of days, I am actually forced to stay at home to attend to her needs. There was a moment when I am giving her cold compress and memories of my childhood flashed before me. I am thankful for my mama. It may be a very simple act to attend to her needs while she’s sick, but it actually means a lot to me. Plus, I am grateful for friends and churchmates who visited and ministered to us.
  2. A very soothing massage for me and my mother courtesy of Sis. Nanette Zafra, our churchmate.
  3. I thank God for the gift of rest. It’s good to stay away from all the routine of office work and spend time with things you really want to indulge into – extended hours of sleep, reading books, biking, surfing the net, among others.
  4. Staff Christmas Party – Food, food, food! I am also thankful for people who blessed me with tokens and gifts, until now they’re left unopened. Delayed gratification. 🙂
  5. For Villa Escudero trip courtesy of MMND. Confession – Since I was a child I’ve been seeing Villa Escudero in postcards and dreamt of going there when I grow up. Parang gusto ko talaga yung idea na kumakain ka habang nagtatampisaw ang mga paa mo sa tubig. And this week is the realization of my childhood dream! In addition to the sumptuous lunch on running water, we visited a museum of antique items and preserved animals, had a carabao ride, tried water rafting and watched an awesome cultural presentation.

In good times and the bad, in celebration or plain, normal season, what are your thank yous?

Author: Marts Valenzuela

To know Christ and make Him known.

4 thoughts on “Train of Thanks 08”

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