Day 1: God says you are…


I attended the Sunday morning service in spite of the body ache and drowsiness. I am not a morning person so waking up earlier than my usual routine, especially during weekends is a challenge. But enough of the introductions, I just want to say that I am very privileged. We are all privileged.

Naaalala ko pa yung unang love letter na ginawa ko years back (or decade na nga yata). Sa sobrang emotions na binuhos ko sa letter na yun, talagang siniguro kong maisulat siya sa maayos na stationary, magandang panulat at ang pinakamaayos kong handwriting. At sa sobrang pagkatuwa ko sa finished product, napagpasyahan kong hindi na lang ibigay ang bunga ng aking inspirasyon. Haha!

I tell you, when someone makes an effort to do things for you just to express his affection, I can say you are very privileged. May mga tao akong nakikilala na nagsasabing ang asawa nila or ang boyfriend/girlfriend nila ay hindi expressive, much more romantic. It is hard to prove one’s love kung hindi rin ito mabibigyan ng justice through efforts or kahit kaunting patunay.

He has proven His love in many ways but let me just start with His message.

Kung tayo gumagawa ng love letter for someone we truly dear, Jesus Himself became the message for us. His words became our anchor for life; His words became our source of joy, hope and everything we cling to for life eternal. At ang Kanyang mga Salita ay hindi nagtapos sa kanyang pagkapako sa krus – umabot ito sa panaho natin, napadpad sa mga tahanan natin, sa mga simbahan at eskwelahan, at sa iba’t ibang lugar.

We are privileged because God’s Word reached us and offered us an invitation for eternal life. We are privileged because we can hold onto physically the written Word of God – the Bible in our hands. We are privileged because through the years, courageous men and women of faith, in their love for God and His Word, made an effort to make sure the Word will reach our time – to the point of risking, or sacrificing their own lives. We are privileged because we are a generation who can listen to God in more ways than before. We are privileged. Isn’t it overwhelming?

Unlike me na hindi na nakuha pang ibigay ang loveletter na ginawa ko, we are privileged dahil ang Dios ay hindi pumayag na hindi umabot sa ating panahon ang loveletter na Siya mismo ang lumagda – sa pamamagitan ng dugo ng Kanyang Bugtong na Anak na si Hesus.

We are privileged, and we got a message to share. Please let others know that they too are privileged too, kahit pa kailanganin mong gumising ng umaga o kahit masakit pa ang iyong katawan.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. 

John 1:14


One thought on “Privileged

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