Day 2: God says you are…


Few years ago, mga 2008 yata, I was a part of a five-week Missions work to Zambales. Together with my friend Henry, our task is to gather the children and teach them Bible stories, teach them songs kahit pareho kaming may magagandang boses (kung di mo pa rin gets, pun intended po ito) and at least plant God’s word and in their hearts kahit sa mura nilang edad. On the average, the two of us were reaching out to at least 50-70 children a day, for five weeks. Minsan lumalagpas pa. Bukod sa laban ni Floyd Mayweather Jr. at ni Oscar dela Hoya noong panahong iyon na nandun kami, I will never forget about the privilege of introducing Christ in the lives of the children of Dingin, Iba, Zambales.

One particular occasion, nang mapagkatuwaan namin na magswimming after a tiring day of class, sumama sa amin na magswimming sa dagat ang ilan sa mga batang estudyante namin. Ikaw na magturo sa tabi ng dagat kundi ka maengganyong magtampisaw at lumangoy-langoy. I don’t know how to swim properly, and soon enough the water became too deep for my feet to touch, I know I am next to drowning. In their panic, the children rushed to me, contributing to my struggle on making it to safety. I tell you, I have never been afraid all my life, not just for my own welfare but for 3-4 kids who clung to me that time. I prayed hard and tried to swim even harder. Praise the Lord, I made it out alive. Di na muna ulit ako bumalik ng dagat after that.

My story is a story of rescue. I was saved from the imminent danger I am facing during that time. Should I surrendered myself to the waves and stopped swimming hard to get myself to the shore, I know I couldn’t make it alive. Di ako marunong lumangoy pero pinilit ko.

However there is a situation na kahit anong pilit na langoy ang gawin ko – gawin natin, we can never save ourselves. We need to be rescued. We need to cross from one place to another, from a place of sheer desperation and helplessness to a place where we can find comfort and peace. We need to cross from a place where we are sure not to get out alive to a place where we know there is assurance of life. Yet to cross from that hopeless place to the place of safety cannot be done with our efforts, kahit gaanong langoy o kampay pa ng mga kamay at padyak ng paa. We cannot rescue ourselves – we need to be rescued.

This is when Christ entered the scene. He saw us desperately in need of help and offered his hand to rescue us. He willingly gave His own comfort, His own life to bring us to a place of safety. Instead of us swimming in the dire sea of destitution, He swam in it Himself and lifted us up and brought us to life. Oh, what a wonderful rescue.

Kung naranasan mo na ang maligtas sa tiyak na kapahamakan, you know how comforting it is to be rescued. How much more when you realize that Jesus Christ has rescued you (and is willing to rescue you) with a divine kind of rescue! Because of what He has done on the cross of Calvary, he has brought us from death to life, from a place of hopelessness to a place of eternal security and of peace. Would you like to be rescued by Jesus and pass from death to life? Ask Him to come into your heart today.

For He has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son, who purchased our freedom and forgave our sins.

Colossians 1:13-14


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