Even in the intricacies of the universe, God’s heart is leaning towards us.



Day 6: God says you are…


Have you ever thought about the universe, how everything is being held together? Siguro naisip mo rin nung bata ka na nasaan kaya ang dulo ng mundo? Until you’ve learned in school na bilog talaga ang mundo. Pero hindi naman dun natatapos ang inquisitive nature natin, kasi itatanong natin, how come the earth is like a floating ball in space? San kaya siya nakasabit?

Science has an answer for most of these questions, which we have learned in school but we really have no regard as to how it affects our daily life. We just know that the earth revolves around the sun, the earth rotates on its axis, we are part of the solar system and we’re just a tiny speck of a vast universe. We know that and we care less about it.

But carefully thinking about it, paano nga kaya napangyari ang lahat ng bagay? Following the train of thought of Big Bang theorists, how come the world and everything in it existed along with the intricacies of life? Parang ang hirap isipin na walang divine imprint ang lahat.

Yun na lang sanggol sa loob ng sinapupunan ng kanyang ina. I am really fascinated how life is being held and nurtured inside a very fragile, delicate body. And after nine gruelling months of carrying a life inside, a baby will be born and will grow, able to procreate life in the proper time.

This is the beauty of intelligent design. And this beauty holds us together in his hand. Even in the intricacies of the universe, God’s heart is leaning towards us. We are His most treasured possession; we are His most special creation. No matter what happens, even if all else fails, God holds us in the palm of His hands.

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together

Colossians 1:17

Author: Marts Valenzuela

To know Christ and make Him known.

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