Set Free


Day 11: God says you are…


May mga bagay na parang ang hirap hirap iwasan; mga bagay na parang hindi madaing tanggihan. Katulad ng pagkain ng taba ng baboy, tsaka yung masobrahan ka sa pagkain ng kanin lalo na’t masarap talaga ang ulam, naku para kang nakikipagbuno sa sarili mo kung ang gusto mo talaga ay manatiling malusog at disiplinado.

Pero may mga tao rin naman na ang struggle ay wala sa pagkain kundi nasa bisyo. I have heard and read testimonies of notorious drug users, drunkards, smokers and how they have gotten rid of their vices. Unfortunately marami din ang nahihirapang umiwas dito. I have a grandfather who died still because of his seemingly incessant smoking. He was in bondage from his vice.

Some people on the other hand are in bondage from their fears, their guilt, or their weaknesses. Some are in bondage of sexual perversity, of pride, or of greed. Maraming klase ng bondage. Ang iba ay lantaran, while the majority doesn’t even know they are being held captive.

They say that whatever is taken in excess is unhealthy. Kaya naman kung sumosobra ka na sa pagkain ng mga unhealthy food or sa mga bisyo, o kaya naman ay sa mga kasalanang dapat iwasan, you are a step closer to perilous situation. Until you know it, you are heavily in bondage and cannot help yourself.

Christ came to free us from our bondages. There is no small or big, no simple or complicated bondage He can never free us from. He destroyed the clutches of fear in us, of guilt and of self-pity. He destroyed the strongholds trying to keep us from seeing the real beauty of life. He has destroyed the power of sin in our lives. He has given us the power to discipline ourselves and say no to temptations that try to hold us back.

And yes, even sa temptation na umorder ng extra rice kapag sobra na, o sa temptation na kumuha ng taba ng baboy kahit alam mong bawal na.

In him you were also circumcised with a circumcision not performed by human hands. Your whole self ruled by the flesh was put off when you were circumcised by Christ

Colossians 2:11



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