Day 12: God says you are…


Adoption, one of the cliché plots of movies and television series. Masarap subaybayan sa araw-araw, parte na ng hapunan ng mga Pilipino. Pero sa totoo lang, kahit gaano pa ipakita ang success-failure-success cycle ng mga ampon sa mga pelikula, hindi nito tunay na ipinapakita ang totoong kalagayan ng mga adopted sa totoong buhay.

I can’t imagine how an adopted child feels when he/she discovers the truth about his/her background. I can’t imagine because I don’t want to feel the pain nor even think about it. But this is reality – that there are some children who were neglected by their biological parents and left at the discretion of kind-hearted individuals.

The Bible has something to say about us being adopted through Jesus Christ. We are lost because of our sins. We are cut-off from the family of God because of our filthiness. As a result we are like stray children without identity but our sins.

Praise God for what has happened on the cross. Nakatagpo tayo ng pamilya. Hindi na tayo ulila, kinilala na tayong mga anak. And in His family, we’re given not just the privilege of being God’s children but the heavenly inheritance He has prepared for his loved ones.

He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will—

Ephesians 1:5



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