From Whining to Winning

Whenever you complain, things around you seems to be dull and gloomy. Everything in your surrounding is either too complicated to comprehend or too hard to accept. Everything just don’t fit in.from-whining-to-winning-1

We tend to complain about almost everything: the congested traffic, the way the food is served by the waiter, the weather – whether hot or cold. We complain about our bosses, our officemates, when we our fridge doesn’t offer anything we want to eat. It doesn’t matter whether we complain big time (in raised voices and clenched fists) or we whine just to express our disappointment or frustrations – whining makes us a complainer. Whining makes you look older than your age and keeps people away from you.

It is hard not to be a complainer. I know the feeling because I myself am guilty of being one on many occasions. When you’re running late for office and you find yourself stuck in traffic, it is hard not to whine about the situation. When everyone seems to get a fair share of favor in life except you, why wouldn’t you complain, right?

However, while it is hard to do, it is not impossible. Being a complainer is developed as a lifestyle, a habit. When you begin to replace every whining into a winning moment by being thankful, then you are a step closer to being better. Be thankful, even when you are stuck in traffic that you can still afford to ride a bus, or a taxi, for that instance. Be thankful that you have a paying job. Be thankful that others are blessed and tell yourself that yours is along the way.

As soon as you’ve developed the habit of being grateful, you will realize that the world is no longer dull and gloomy, but is rather full of life and joy.


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