Stand Up, Walk On

  • On your way home, because of the heavy traffic, you got no choice but to take a detour and pass by a place you don’t want to remember anymore.
  • You met a high school friend you’ve not seen for years and as you try to catch up with each other stories, she popped the question you are praying she’d never ask.
  • Your mother decides to turn your room upside down and while doing so, she brought to you things you have no idea that are still in your possession.


Some things happen by choice, while some things happen because it is bound to happen. Moreover, some things happen because we are the ones who lit the match in the first place, unaware of the fire that is about to let loose. Unlike God, we are not omniscient to know what will be the ultimate result of every action and decision we make. We are finite beings vulnerable to making bad decisions, leading to inescapable consequences. No matter how hard we try to guess and second guess things, we can never predict what will happen next. Even our best intentions are subject to God’s divine intervention.

So the unavoidable happens. We get hurt. We stumble and fall.

The castle we’ve been shaping and building in our mind crumbles and we end up feeling defeated and sorry for ourselves. We regret all the decisions we have made which led to our “downfall”. We analyze and think about where have we gone wrong in the process and what have we done to deserve such. And then the negative creeps into our system, blurring our view of life.

Those who have made a mistake in the past, or even those who were wronged by insensitive people, those who cannot overcome the crumbling of their castle into pieces because some undesired cause, are facing the crossroad of choice – do I have to remain sorry for what happened, living with regrets? Or should I move on and just brush things off?

Unfortunately, some choose to wallow in the defeat-mentality, and continue being victimized by their past.

While we cannot filter what comes into our mind when we remember the horrific yesterdays we might have, we can choose not to be affected by such thoughts. We can opt not to accept our mistakes and our regrets to shape our identity.

Our purpose in life doesn’t cease when we fail; rather we are just experiencing a sudden halt, a stopover. Perhaps God is realigning your life for a higher calling, or He is causing you to stop because you’ve been running too fast, or maybe you are messing up your priorities, or His priorities for you. Whatever the reason is, you fail but you don’t have to remain a failure.

If you think you are caught up in the trap of defeat-mentality, I encourage you to stand up on your feet and take up your hopes for the future. Life still goes on. Walk on.


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