Benefits of Journaling

I admire people who are very creative when it comes to their journaling and note taking. I love how they mesh calligraphy and colorful highlights in their notes and mnemonics. It’s an eye candy for me! I wonder if the artistry is fueled by expensive coffee? Because most of the time, I see these wonderful people in coffee shops and instagrammable cafes.

But seriously, how to be you po?

I think it was January of this year when I attended a journaling workshop by OMF Literature. I realized journaling is a realm dominated by women! I beg to disagree that journaling is female-centric activity. Where are you, guys? Hahaha!

More than the colorful letterings and fancy highlights, journaling gives us awesome benefits.

First, it’s a safe space to relieve stress. I remember, the last time I was burdened with too much heartache and work-related issues, journaling helped me unload all the negative emotions stirring up within. It works the same as having a dear friend listening to your rants. Think of your paper as a friend. It will not judge you; it will not show any prejudice. Just write whatever you want to write.

A portion from my journal, random thoughts from my Bible readings. Sorry I can’t share some of my most personal musings. Hehe

Second, journaling may also serve as your growth monitoring tool. Use a devo and prayer journal to write all your prayer concerns. Write your personal love letters to God! Jot down your thanksgivings, requests, lessons learned from the Word or from sermons you’ve heard. Watch out, for as the pages add up, your appreciation with the Lord grows as well. At times, I laugh, cry or even cringe at my journal entries, but that’s how God led me through the years, and I’m thankful for that.

Some people I know devise their own monitoring tools in their journals. They monitor their water intake, their weight, their tardiness, money saved or spent, etc. Your journal is your personal companion. Use it creatively and purposely.

Third, journaling improves my writing abilities. Nuks. I am not confident with my English writing ability, but it was said that the key to be a good writer is simply to write regularly. Consistent journal writing makes me love writing more.

A portion from my preaching notes. I tried to add some illustrations, but that’s all my creativity can bring me hahaha!

Finally, journaling serves as a marker for me. Whenever I review past entries, it helps me recall what happened, what I learned and how I different I am (or should be) now. As George Santayana puts it, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

I’m glad that journals are no longer limited to pen and paper and digital journaling is already a thing. I have a journal in my phone where I write my reflections on my daily bible readings. I also have a separate journal for pictures of my SO. Ayieee. My blogs, this one and Hearts and Halo, doubles as my digital journal for my various musings. I also have a physical journal for preaching notes.

If you’re not yet into journaling, I encourage you to start it now! Be it physical journal or digital, purely words or one infused with colorful illustrations and calligraphy, it doesn’t matter. Fall in love with writing, especially writing for yourself.

Author: Marts Valenzuela

To know Christ and make Him known.

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