r u lost, bbgurl?

You’re not lost, you’re right where you’re supposed to be!

This is still the same blog you used to read, but I’m glad to tell you that I have a new home, and you are very much welcome to pay me a visit!


I will focus all my “writing energies” there, and if you’re into blogs that have something to do with personal development, Christian living, and ministry sprinkled with inspiration and encouragement, by all means be my guest! I am a Christian writer from the Philippines, with the goal of sending messages of hope and life to my readers.

If you are looking for quick tips and hacks for your time, goal-setting, journaling, finances, productivity, and everything in between, I can be of help.

If you are looking for instructions from the Bible about making life choices, relationships, growing deeper into the Word, making the most out of your Christian life, this can a stop-over.

If you are looking for ministry-related blogs and ideas, as well as learn from my personal journey, let me share my thoughts.


I’ll wait for you!

Author: Marts Valenzuela

To know Christ and make Him known.

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