An Aid to the Memory


“I just wanted an avenue to write. I wanted a place where I can express my thoughts about matters that interests me. I wanted to have a voice.”

Basically most blogs fall into this category – which is true even in this site. The internet has given us a perfect venue to write about topics that can educate, entertain and escalate advocacies. That’s why I am grateful for the internet because my thoughts can go places. I can speak to people I have never met and share my ideas to people who has no relationship to me.

But aside from being my platform to the world wide web, this blog has one practical benefit to me – an aid to the memory (this calls for consistency though. Haha).

The term aide-mémoire (aid memoir) is literally translated to memory aid, and is often used to refer to notes that are taken in order to jog one’s memory later.

I am a person who cannot handle too much information. I easily forget. There are even moments when I wanted to remember an incident so desperately but to no avail, and it frustrated me for a couple of days. Good thing that there is cure for forgetfulness – that is to have yourself reminded.

This blog serves a reminder of important moments, specifically the learnings brought about by different occasions in my life. This is my aid to the memory. And when my Aha! Moments come or my reflective alter-ego urges me to write, not only will I have a venue to express my thoughts – I also have a place to go to remind myself of the important milestones in my life.

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