Train of Thanks 22-23-24

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

Wow! A three-week series compiled into single post. Either sobrang complacent lang ako or sobrang busy kaya di masyadong makapagsulat ng maayos. Hindi ko na talaga madetermine. Haha! A lot of things happened, mga gabing puyat sa pagbabasa, pag-aaral, paggawa ng mga random stuff at paggagala. Haha! In all of these, I thank the Lord for giving me the strength and provision for the past weeks. God is good!

Week 1

  1. Being a part of Ptr. Ronald Molmisa’s Young Ezra Society encourages me to dream on and pray hard para sa pangarap ko na maging isang book author. I’ve learned that to be a Christian writer is to convey a message that comes from the Lord, not just to air my opinion or merely share my experiences.
  2. A writers’ guild I belong gave us a writing prompt related to elections. I am glad I was able to submit one article kahit na hindi ko siya forte. I need to learn more, and practice my writing skills more.
  3. An idea sprung up while I was busy with my writing stints: creating a blog solely dedicated for reaching your full potential and fulfilling your purpose in Christ. your hugot and love stories! Introducing my newest blog: Lost in my Purpose. Hearts and Halo!
  4. The planning for the first Katiyagaan Division Joint Day Camp has officially started, and I’m excited for this upcoming event!
  5. I’m grateful for our guest speaker for the Salt and Light Sunday: Teacher Cleo!

Week 2

  1. Napuyat man kami ng mga ka-grupo ko for our Theo 1 report on Trinity, masaya naman kami ng aming grupo na matapos ang final paper and reporting on the said subject. Sayang lang medyo bitin sa class discussion, but aside from the learning, na-appreciate ko ulit ang pagiging estudyante.
  2. Na-late man sa karamihan na sumabay sa hype ng palabas, napanood ko pa rin ang Batman v Superman. Indeed, being a superhero movie lover, I can attest that this is a good time to be alive. In a few weeks time, Captain America: Civil War naman!
  3. I had a great weekend strolling in various parks and attractions in QC. Pero ang masaya, I’ve found friends who are willing to ride with my antics. Di rin naman pala ako ganun ka-introvert kung iisipin. Haha!
  4. I thank the Lord for awesome things such as watching pyrolympics on a Saturday night with friends.
  5. I am grateful for simple joys na hatid ng aking calligraphy pen kahit na hindi naman talaga ako marunong gumamit. Haha!

Week 3

  1. At last, the trimester for the FBC Extension has finally concluded. Makakapahinga na rin kahit paano. Until next trimester!
  2. I was able to watch Papuri 21 at CCF. It was a night filled with inspiration and inexpressible joy from the Lord!
  3. I’m grateful for my safe travel on my out-of-impulse, Manila-Batangas-Manila trip for a personal errand. It was fun, yet I was apprehended for making people worried. Pero salamat pa rin kay Lord talaga.
  4. For another Execom + HAM meetings – I thank the Lord for the wisdom. Time to put 4×4 discipleship material into action!
  5. So blessed to witness the Holy Spirit peeling off our deceptive characters on our Salt and Light Sunday with Teacher Lester as guest speaker!

Ayan, medyo mahaba ang post ko ngayon. Haha! What are the things you are thankful for the previous weeks?


Train of Thanks 21

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

The heat is on! Literally. To think that we are just approaching April. I wonder how intense the heat will be on the next few weeks until the rainy days. Lord, please give us more “grace” to weather. 🙂

Anyway, here are my thanksgivings for the week:

1. I thank God for the opportunity to serve at the Journey to the Cross. I was able to substitute as station manager for “The Cloth”, explaining the relevance of Jesus’ customary folding of cloth whenever he finishes a woodwork. This custom as a Jewish carpenter was made manifest as well when his disciples visited his tomb – only to find out nothing but linens folded and left neatly on the floor of the tomb. The Carpenter has left behind a simple message – it is finished.

Indeed, one of the joys of serving the Lord is to share to all people how good and gracious God’s love is through Jesus Christ.

2. I’m done with the book Humble Orthodoxy by Joshua Harris (if not for Ondoy, I already have a complete set of all his titles. How sad). Just a short takeaway from the book: Our knowledge of theology must be evidenced by a humble life. This short book discusses about how we, as Christians feel as if we are so entitled to the grace that we have received from the Lord to the point that we are looking down on people who are “less orthodox” than us. A noteworthy message – and I personally felt rebuked and refreshed.

3. For the mini-meet up of PSA! Though we spent more time travelling than on the actual swimming, I am grateful for the relaxation and bonding that we had this holy week. It’s always good to be connected with awesome people. More to come guys!

4. The Easter message continues to reverberate in my mind. I just noticed that for most people, Easter Sunday is just another holiday marked red on their calendars. Yet, as I listen intently on the message, I am reminded that there is really power in Jesus’ resurrection – otherwise our faith is useless, like what the Apostle Paul said. As the song goes “And life is worth the living just because He lives!”. Thank you Jesus for your resurrection.

5. My current LSS:

How’s your holy week guys?


Train of Thanks 19-20

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

March is almost over, and holy week is here! While some are getting pumped up for their holy week escapades, we in the church are busy preppin’ up for our “Journey to the Cross” on March 23-25, 5pm-10pm at the Marikina Freedom Park. “Journey”, is an interactive walkthrough to relive the death and resurrection of Jesus. This is open to all and is free of charge!


Going back to the essence of this blog series, let me recall all my thanksgivings for the past few weeks:

1. I am grateful for the physical strength and wisdom the Lord has given me as I speak for the Servant’s Orientation for the “Journey”. I explained in detail the reasons and lessons behind all the stations and together with the volunteers, we were reminded of the actual journey Jesus went through to save us. The story of His death and resurrection is not just something we should be familiar with – it is something we embrace and live in faith. It shapes us from the inside and is manifested in our actions. Jesus died on the cross and lived again for our sins – this is the basis of our allegiance to Him.

2. Last Sunday was packed with series of opportunities to teach and challenge behind the pulpit. I was requested to teach for the 3rd module of our Membership 101 class in the morning, tasked to challenge the congregation for tithes and offering for the 2nd service and scheduled to speak for the Salt and Light service in the afternoon. It was a super-packed day! Thank God for sustaining me with strength!

3. I praise the Lord for the lives of the Youth and Teens He led me to minister to. It is a very daunting task, I may say but very rewarding. To be honest I am not a cheerful, sociable kind of person unlike other youth leaders I know that’s why I am grateful for the people who support me in this ministry. Special mention to the most cheerful person I know, Demdem! 🙂

If I may add, I enjoyed listening to the point of views and arguments of the participants of our debate about our lesson on image and character. It’s overwhelming to know that once most of them were just my Grade 3 Sunday school students and now they are continuously maturing in the Lord.

4. If there is a highlight for my thanksgiving for these past weeks, it is my entry to Ptr. Ronald Molmisa’s 2nd batch of Young Ezra Project trainees. Supposedly for ages 18-25 aspiring writers, I still took my chance for this once in a lifetime opportunity to be mentored for writing – one thing that I really love doing. In short, I made it to his final list, though I am already 27 years old! All by God’s grace! All the more I am so excited for God’s purposes in my life.

5. As part of Ptr. Ronald’s mentoring program, he required us to attend Christian Writers’ Fellowship held at OMF, Mandaluyong. It is overwhelming to be in a room packed with Christian writers (and literally hundreds of books around!), hearing their testimonies on how being a part of a writing club helped them in their craft. The highlight of the event was Dr. Melba Maggay’s talk on the Role of Christian Writers in a Fast Changing World. Through her talk I appreciated my identity as a Filipino, and how we have become somehow disconnected with our national identity. According to Dr. Maggay, that there is something wrong when we cannot speak to our own people. As writers we have to enter the universe of discourse of the people. Her talk was an “ouch” moment, because as a writers write to express themselves. However Christian writers ought to communicate God’s timeless message of truth and grace, thus the need to connect to their readers and enter their universe of discourse.

Holy Week is up! Don’t forget to remember what the Lord has done for you, not just for this season but for all the days to come.

Train of Thanks 17-18

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

It’s becoming a pattern na a. Haha! My supposedly weekly train of thanksgiving slowly becomes a twice-a-month blogpost. Anyway, I’m still thankful that the Lord never skips to shower His grace and favor to mankind unlike how I skip to post my thanksgivings. Buti na lang!

So here’s a round-up of what happened the past two weeks:

1. Midterm is fast approaching! These past few days I feel like I’m already exhausted with all the information I try to inculcate in my head. Bible schooling is both rewarding – with lots of realizations and appreciation of God’s works and wonders, and exhausting, like any other academic schooling. My previous Bible readings directs me towards spiritual trainings, hence I know that the time I spend for my Bible schooling is never, ever wasted.

“Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.” 1 Timothy 4:8

2. Our church hosted an Entrepreneurship Seminar entitled “May Iaangat Pa!” where, obviously, attendees were encouraged to be entrepreneurs – not just for the sake of raising their financial conditions but to be a great help in the work of the Lord. The concepts presented were very Biblical, and what’s great is that the seminar only cost me P200 to cover food lunch, dinner and 2 merienda! Sobrang mura in exchange for a priceless learning!

3. Our speaker for the Entrepreneurship Seminar recommended a book “Debt-Free Lifestyle” and fortunately when I happen to pass by the bookstore, nakakita ako ng kopya, again for just 200 pesos! As of this writing, natapos ko na yung book. If you want biblical insight on how to live a debt-free life, consider reading this book. Available at all PCBS outlets.

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4. Someone went on an out of town trip and gave me some pasalubong! Yay! Di ko na kinuhanan ng picture, inubos ko na. Hahaha!

5. My third climb was on Mt. Binacayan, Rodriguez Rizal The trek was so intense, especially for me since I trekked without sleep! I felt like I was going to faint during one point of the journey but thankfully I was energized by the heat of the sun and fresh air. Nothing beats the rejuvenating power of creation! Pero di ko na uuliting umakyat ng bundok nang puyat.

6. The reason behind my puyat climb is because I dared myself na magspend ng madaling araw sa lansangan! It is really my weird desire to experience how it feels to be “batang yagit” for a moment, spending time on streets on wee hours of the night without shelter. Kung kaya ko nga lang matulog sa kalsada! I just want to understand how it feels to be like them for a moment. Weird yes, and I am. And I am thankful I was able to do that (for a moment, until 3am lang) before my trek to Mt. Binacayan. IMG_2204

7. I am thankful that the FY Core Meeting was pushed through two Sundays ago. We went to Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain and we had a wonderful time discussing ideas for the youth department. I don’t know if I feel overwhelmed or excited or afraid with this ministry but I am glad that I have like-minded people to work with.

8. I attended the Accounting Technician Congress hosted by the National Institute of Accounting Technicians. I feel refreshed hearing updates about my field of profession, at the same time thinking how far I am left behind. Haha! Two things caught my interest during the congress – and pagsayaw namin ng Roar ni Katy Perry and the Financial Planning for Accountants session where we were encouraged to save up for the future.

9. Thank God for the 45 teens and youth who attended the youth service with the theme Fear vs Faith. Also I am grateful for their participation (and in fairness I know they are listening well as I speak before them). I just pray that I can be an instrument to minister directly to their spiritual needs.

10. For two services, morning and evening services, I am thankful for the strength given me as I became a part of the preaching tandem for our Vision Sunday. Indeed it is not easy to prepare a message, much more preach for consecutive services, and I am grateful I am able to finish my tasks with the help of the Lord.

Train of Thanks 16

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

How strenuous it is trying to accomplish so many things at a time, but I am glad God never fails to supply me with much needed strength for day to day.  Let me share some of the highlights of my week for this thanksgiving series.

  1. I am not new to series of meetings but whenever I face such events, just like what happened this weekend, I feel like I need double portion of strength to sanely participate in all the brainstorming sessions and reporting. I thank the Lord for reminding me that all my labor for His sake is never in vain, and that I am working for a kingdom that will never be shaken.
  2. After careful prayer and consideration, I took the challenge of taking the youth ministry leadership for the church. I can still remember how I refuse to work with the youth department since I know I am not that relational and I do not have a charismatic personality. Yet here I am, excited to chart the ministry game plan with my enthusiastic partner. I am personally excited for God’s mighty moving in the lives of the youth of our church!
  3. With regards to the Youth Ministry lead post that I accepted, I was officially installed last Sunday, along with all the appointed church officers. With our official appointment comes my prayer that a ministry offered to the Lord and presented for accountability in front of the church is a ministry that is to be empowered and be taken care of God.
  4. I am thankful that the verse “steady plodding brings prosperity”, something I first encountered when I attended a Biblical Financial Study by Crown Financial, inspires me to save even a meager amount of money, for I know the sacrifice will soon pay off. My meager savings and sacrifices a few months back became my source for very timely expenses and purchases. Now, I am trying to increase my savings. J
  5. Last Sunday, I had a very wonderful time of reflection and recreation. It is good to hear messages of confirmation from the Lord, knowing that you have been praying for God’s encouragement for your undertakings. In addition, I was brought by my friend to a cosplay event at SMX, something that is very new to me. I felt so entertained. But the highlight of the day was when I am just gazing upon the waters on the bay side. Very relaxing.

We will never run out of things to be thankful for from day to day. What’s yours?


Train of Thanks 14-15

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

Wow, another two weeks passed and before all things pile up before me, I would like to catch up with my train of thanksgivings. If you are like me who is not good at remembering dates, occasions and names, keeping things at hand and jotting them down is very practical and helpful. Let me share my notes these past few days:

  1. February marks the start of the Foursquare Bible College Extension class openings! Since I now have time to spare for night classes, I grabbed all four subjects offered, three of which I currently take in Marikina extension and the other one I decided to take in Sauyo. Though attending the Sauyo class is more tiresome and challenging, I opted to do such so I can free myself from Saturday classes. No Saturday class means extra time for rest or recreation!
  2. I am thankful for my weekend biking sessions this past two weeks. Two Sundays ago we went to Antipolo to visit Bongbong (and eat Nanay Mely’s palabok and turon extraordinaire) and just yesterday we went to SM Center Angono, Rizal to, mind you, buy Gatorade (and take pictures, syempre). Haha!12697305_1195651783787990_2770984481242465982_o
  3. Last Friday I went to Marikina Sports Park alone to do a few rounds of jogging (and more of walking). That was my first time after long period of hiatus so I find myself still adjusting to it. Hopefully I will able to continue this routine, even at least once a week. Onto a physically fit figure!
  4. I was tasked to take over the preaching duty for Tumana Foursquare Gospel Church since their pastor is still in the hospital. It was a nice experience though, sharing the Word of God in a different environment. I talked about God’s Kind of Love.
  5. I really appreciate our Love Day topic on God’s Love shown in the lives of Hosea and Gomer. In spite of all our unfaithfulness and waywardness, it is comforting to realize that the Lord still welcomes us with open arms, longing for us to come back to His loving embrace. In comparison to God’s love, ours is but a mist, a dew in the morning, easily dissolved in the heat of the day. Yet God’s love is everlasting, it will never ever change.12698590_10207560863452135_4174585667346761112_o
  6. I challenged myself for a Love Month series where I will be posting FB notes on a daily basis about God’s love notes to us. I find that this is such a huge task to do, and I often see myself working late nights just to finish one post. In fact I failed to write for certain dates. But by faith, I will be able to finish this challenge by the end of the month. First day’s post is about “God Says You Are… Privileged”
  7. I am trying to be more of a morning person since lately I find myself rushing up every morning so I wouldn’t be late for work. Now that gravity has heavier pull in the morning (not a scientific truth anyway), I really need to work hard on this area. To my consolation, waking up early in the morning is a refreshing experience, but makes me very sleepy on my night classes.
  8. For the first time this year, I was able to return to my favorite spot in Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain! It is really nice to unload all your emotional baggage and future plans before the Lord and find times of refreshing from His word. I see myself as a kid who runs to his Father, crying without the need to explain anything, just enjoying the embrace of his beloved Father. It was such a nice moment indeed.12697343_10207554291687845_4072237667328547596_o
  9. I survived Mt. Pico de Loro! Details soon. Na naman.
  10. I thank the Lord for gift of friendship. I am glad to have friends whom I can share my frustrations and aspirations in life, and who challenges me to “just be me”. Priceless blessing from the heavens.

There you go, my thanksgivings for the past two weeks. How about you? What are you thankful for?

Train of Thanks 12-13

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

I am making a back-to-back version of my Monday thanksgivings because of, *umm, confession* complacency. But let me redeem myself with some of the awesome things that happened to me for the past two weeks. For God is good and greatly to be praised!

  1. I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to attend the National Leaders Strategic Conference and Retreat (NLSCR) of Foursquare Philippines for the second time, recently held at Davao City Foursquare Gospel Church. Hearing from the national leadership and working with the district leaders to plan and envision the future of the denomination to be a missional movement for the cause of Christ is an overwhelming experience. I thank God for letting me witness how driven the pastors are in accomplishing the Great Commission.
  2. I was able to meet the Christian Education directors and representatives of the 27 districts of Foursquare churches in the Philippines. Incidentally I also represented my district for the National Foursquare Youth Presidents meeting. Issues were discussed, questions were raised and not a few pictures and groupies were taken. In the end, plans we’re ruled out and some matters were settled. Working with the Christian Educators and Youth Leaders from different regions is a both encouraging and refreshing.IMG_1141
  3. Would you believe that this is the first time I boarded a plane? Now I am scrapping it off my bucket list. 🙂
  4. Barry Buzza, former national leader of the Foursquare Church in Canada served as the NLSCR plenary speaker with his lessons on serendipities on the life of David. I really appreciate the extent of his preparation, carefully examining the life of David and drawing out 70 conclusions that relates to the pastorate. I thank the Lord for His revelations through Dr. Buzza’s series of preaching.
  5. I was dared and I survived durian shake! Haha! Also, the MMND delegates for NLSCR, of which I am a part of, had the chance to bond as we roam around Davao and munched on the sumptuous meals (a lot of eat-all-you-can places, mind you! I was able to fill myself with 3 different sessions of buffet breakfast and lunch. One of the best part of the (food) trip was the grilled tuna and kilawin! Awesome!
  6. My guest blogging invitation did materialize! I thank God for the wisdom that I was able to share my biblical insights on how to move on from your past mistakes and how to keep on moving forward. I thank Ms. Charmaine of Organized Lunacy for hosting my blog post. Visit my guest blog here: (link)
  7. When I came back to Manila, I catched up with some of my best buddies and we ended up in Bieter Sizzling Place at B.G. Molina St. Parang, Marikina City. The place is oozing with colors and fun illustrations, which complements the friendliness of the staff and the creativity of their menu. It’s as if I am warped inside a video game. We’ve decided to visit the place again some other time.
  8. I thank the Lord that my online purchase, a stretchable belt bag for my biking sessions, reached me this time. Unlike my previous purchase, I don’t know where in the world it landed. I was also able to buy an arm sleeves and gloves, which I first used for my Mt. Talamitam escapade!
  9. I feel overwhelmed and encouraged every time I sit in the Sunday school class of the teenagers. I feel like I am going back in time when I was just like them, listening to the testimonies of my classmates and sharing my own. I see the future in the young generation today. Thus my conclusion, whatever way we shape the youth of today will be the kind of mold the future will have. Kudos to all the educators who willingly share their lives to the young generation.
  10. We were able to conquer the summit of Mt. Talamitam! I don’t want to spoil the moment because this has to go on a separate post. But praise the Lord for the beauty of His creation!

There you have it, my two-week thanksgiving roundup. What are the things that you are thankful for the last week?