Stop and Stoop Down

The story of the Good Samaritan is one of the most common stories being told in a Sunday school class. The message is simple: there was a Jew who was robbed and beaten by bandits, left half-dead beside the road. Then came a priest, followed by a Levite (or a church worker) who both saw the man yet chose to pass him by. Until a man, a despised Samaritan, took notice of the body lying on the road, tended the wounds and took care of his needs – and much more! #HopeInHumanityRestored


Obviously, the one to be commended is the one who stopped and stooped down to help. What he did was heartwarming and brings butterflies to the stomach. It is indeed an awesome story to share.

Digging deeper to the background of the story, we’ll find out that the Samaritans and the Jews are not in good terms. The rift between them is so immense that it is uncommon for Jews and Samaritans even to associate with each other. That’s why the disciples were so surprised to see Jesus talking to a Samaritan woman at the well. Thus, Jesus’ parable about the Good Samaritan isn’t a cool, mushy story the first time it was told – it is both countercultural and unheard of.

Fortunately, our family, nor any family I know, was never involved in rido, or clan/family wars. But this is a reality with our brethren in southern Philippines. Tribal wars still exist in many parts of the globe. No matter how we brag about building bridges through technology and globalization, we can never deny the fact that cultural walls are still on the rise and it comes multi-faceted – racism, sexism, religious indifference…

To stop and stoop down is easier said than done, especially when you, or someone you love, are being despised, when you’re being harassed, being taken advantage. But is it impossible? I don’t think so.

Inasmuch as I would like to relate myself to the Good Samaritan, I believe I am more of the first two took notice, but chose to pass by instead.

Surely, the priest and the Levite are both good persons. They are both committed to their calling, both devout and above reproach. Just like most of us. We are responsible employees, responsible parents or sons and daughters. Generally we are good people. We took pity for those who are victimized by wars, famine and uncanny sicknesses. We feel sorry for those who live in unimaginable poverty. We shed tears for people whose situations move our hearts to the core. In the first place, we are humans beings, created in the image and likeness of God. We are no rock nor piece of metal.

They both saw the half-dead person lying on the road. I believe they both felt pity towards the person. But maybe, and this I am not sure, maybe they are caught up with their own schedules. They have more important things to do than to stop and stoop down to help a total stranger, much more someone who belongs to the opposing party. They have ministries to attend to! They have meetings to facilitate, sermons to prepare, members to counsel, small groups to lead. They are busy. They already have too much on their plates and they cannot afford to add more burden to themselves. Maybe this is why I relate to them more.

I love how Christine Caine, the founder of A21 Campaign, a non-profit organization who strives to end human trafficking, puts it: “How often we pray for God to use us for His purpose – and then when He interrupts our lives to answer our prayer, we list all our inadequacies”

It is my desire to be used by God mightily to make a difference in the lives of others. I always yearn to be an instrument of change and an inspiration to many. I want to do great exploits for the Lord. This is what it means to be a “servant of God” – to be an extension of Jesus’ hands and feet and eyes and ears. Yet from time to time, as He leads me into situations to “suit up my Christian armor”, I end up pursuing the more comfortable, easier path, to the point that I cross to the other side of the road as if I didn’t notice the helpless around me.

How many people scream for our attention yet we chose to disregard them because we have other things of “greater importance”? How many people asked for help, asked for a listening ear, but all we offer is our divided attention – or no attention at all. Instead of kneeling beside the person like what the Samaritan did, we distance ourselves. We are caught up with our own “busyness” that we can no longer afford to stop, much more stoop down.

What makes us less of a human? Sometimes it is not our lack of compassion. Most of the time, it is our preoccupation with too many things. This is my personal prayer: that the next time I see someone in need, I will be courageous and compassionate enough to stop whatever I am doing and stoop down, offering help even if it costs me my inconvenience. Lord, make me like You.

Fan the Flame

fan-the-flameConfession. Hindi ko talaga feel ang youth ministry. I feel like I just don’t fit in. Wala akong charisma, wala akong wit na kagaya ng karamihan ng youth leaders na kilala ko. Hindi ako kasing lively magsalita, hindi energetic at lalong hindi sporty type. I have a boring personality, so to speak – something na hindi fit para sa qualifications ng isang youth leader. Habol: Ang corny ko nga daw mag-joke. Haha!

Good thing that God doesn’t call the qualified rather He qualifies the called. Ayun, may pinaglagyan ako. Ang ministry na inaayawan ko at never kong pinangarap ay naging isang malaking bahagi ng aking personal spiritual growth. And I learned to love it. Iba rin.

When it comes to discipleship, though isa siya sa mga topics na interested akong binabasa, medyo foreign sa akin ang actual practice. I grew up kasi wanting to do things on my own. Reserved akong tao. I keep a very few number of friends. Kaya naman basing on what I read from books, discipleship is a huge step of faith para sa akin. But I know that I am called to disciple, the same way that all believers are all called to do.

So aside from embracing the youth ministry leadership, kasabay na sinubukang kong mag-step out of my comfort zone and invest into discipleship na matagal-tagal na ring nagli-linger sa puso ko. Not the general discipleship type na bahala na sino ang sumalo ng efforts ko, but the intentional discipleship na mag-iinvest ka talaga, magtatanim, mag-aalaga at maghihintay. #ParangPagIbig Haha!

Discipleship, is not about being comfortable with your spiritual status but about getting your hands dirty in doing the job with the results embedded on your mind. Dapat may bunga kang inaasam. Dapat may patutunguhan. Otherwise it is just another kind of huddle offered by the different groups.

Pagdating sa pagdi-disciple, mahaba-haba ang lakbayin. Matagal-tagal na panahon bago magbunga ang mga itinanim. Asahan na rin ang mga frustrations and times na gugustuhin mo na lang sumuko. Discipleship is no walk in the park but it is all worth it. Yet our motivation should be this: that through our seemingly “small” investments of prayer, genuine concern, and the Word itself, we are sending the next generation a message that we care for them. Discipleship is sending a message to our kids and grandkids that we love them that’s why we want them to experience God’s love as well.

If you’re into discipleship, my prayer is that you keep on fanning the flame. Ang isang malaking sunog ay nagsisimula sa isang maliit na spark. #ParangPagIbig, nagsisimula sa spark. Haha! Isipin mo na lang na para kang isang posporo. Hindi ka magliliyab kung hindi ka madadarang sa init, sa pressure, sa friction. Magiging uncomfortable at times, magiging mahirap, masakit, mabigat. Minsan hindi na lang puso mo ang ibinibigay mo, kundi pati baon mo at oras ng tulog. But imagine Jesus, He took time investing in the lives of His disciples. Parang walang patutunguhan sa una. Misfits of society pa ang pinili niya. But the tiny sparks nang maliliit na mga posporo aka disciples ni Jesus ay naging wildfire which eventually turned the world upside down.

And speaking of Posporo, check this song out. There is no better way to end this post than this. #MyKindOfMusic. Keep the fire burning mga ka-posporo! Alab pa!


He Can Catch You When You Fall

The life of Ms. Miriam Quiambao – Roberto, Ms. Universe 1st Runner Up 1999, is a story most of us can find encouragement. She has her share of fame and fortune, as well as of failures, and this is the reason why most of us can actually relate to her. We may not be as popular nor rich like her, particularly when she was still an active celebrity, but we can always identify with her tears and disappointments in life.

Ms. Quiambao – Roberto was the guest speaker for our 47th church anniversary held at the Ballroom Hall, Riverbanks Convention Center on November 29. She was accompanied by her husband, Mr. Ardy Roberto – the man behind the books “Ang Buhay na Hindi Bitin”, “Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin”, and “Real Men are P.O.G.I.”. I kinda feel elated sitting just a few seats from them, but more than the couple’s presence, what moved me more is the story behind Ms. Miriam Quiambao’s conversion.

Miriam Quiambao-Roberto speaking for our 47th Church Anniversary

Her testimony has already been broadcasted in 700 Club Asia of GMA News TV 11.

Here are some of my ruminations on her testimony

  1. God is our Great Orchestrator

Miriam recalls that since childhood, she longs to be a beauty queen someday but the desire died down awhile as she prepares to be a Licensed Physical Therapist. However, God has orchestrated things for her. God acknowledged her childhood dream and brought her in the ranks of the most beautiful women in the world.

Like us, we have different longings inside. Have you ever experienced a seemingly “misdirection” in your life? You wanted to be a successful engineer but circumstances led you to a different field, say you ended up being an entrepreneur or an accountant instead. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be a distinguished celebrity or fashion model but you landed in a very rewarding teaching career – away from the glitz and glam of show business. You wanted to turn to the right but you took the opposite direction. Perhaps this isn’t “misdirection” – it is God’s predetermined direction for you.

Miriam’s Ms. Universe stint is a story of fulfilled childhood dream, but for most of us, we’ve never realized our childhood desire [yet]. But wherever you are and whatever you might be doing in life right now is exactly where God wants you to be and wants you to do. In His perspective, there is never an accident nor an out-of-place-scenario. He is the Great Orchestrator and all things are perfect in His plans.

  1. God is our Great Problem Solver

She thought she had it all going well on her life. With her popularity and riches, she felt secure. She even had high hopes on her first marriage on 2004 with an Italian businessman. But two years later, they ended up in divorce, which led to her depression. As if this isn’t enough, she lost much of her showbiz projects and was even scammed of her investments by people she once trusted. It was a season of falling, of disappointments.

They say that when it rains, it pours. For Miriam, all her treasured possessions – career, investments, connections, relationships – seemed to be smashed into pieces. Problems – no matter how simple or complicated they may seem, makes us dependent to others for help. In response to our dire need of help, God sends us people who will help lift us up from the miry clay we’re drenched into. In Miriam’s case, it was Mr. Anthony Pangilinan. She was led to Jesus and soon enough, the once depressed, miserable Miriam Quiambao has held her hopes in the loving-kindness and saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course not in an instant, but her problems met solutions in the Lord, and the marred pieces of her life were replaced with brand new ones.

Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and acknowledging Him to be the only One who can save us from the wretchedness of our lives is the eternal solution to all our problems. More than the usual problems we experience from day to day, our greatest problem is our sins and separation from God. But thanks be to Jesus, we now have a solution. He is not just a problem solver – He is the solution Himself.

  1. He is the Great Provider

After all the bitter incidences in Miriam’s life, she found hope in Jesus. Now she is ready to embrace what the Lord is willing to offer her – immeasurable joy of having Christ in her heart. Eventually she regained what was taken away from her: occasional showbiz projects and other sources of income, restored relationships with people dear to her, was relieved of her depression and a partner in life in the person of Mr. Ardy Roberto. On top of these, she is actively involved in the ministry, inspiring people with her testimony. She can also be seen in CBN Asia as one of the hosts. God has indeed redeemed the Beauty Queen and made her God’s Princess.

God is our great provider. No matter what was lost to us, He can and He is willing to give it back, even hundredfold. What’s asked of us is complete surrender to His plans and obedience to His promptings. Miriam wasn’t given favor because she is beautiful or influential. She was restored because she is just like us, in need of grace and mercy, hopeless on our own. God doesn’t look down on people and look at their beauty or physical appearance. God looks at the heart. And He is delighted to reveal Himself to those whose hearts are yielded to Him.

What are your pressing needs today? God is more than willing to provide – and His provision goes beyond material things! Be it peace of mind, restored relationships, secured future or even food on the plate, He can be trusted. The question is, are you willing to trust Him just like what Miriam did? Surrender it all to Jesus, and you will never regret it the rest of your life.

Buti pa si mama (and friends) nakapagpa-picture kay Ms. Miriam 🙂

I was led to this blog (link here) about Ms. Miriam and Mr. Ardy’s wedding. Indeed weddings are events where you can capture joy at its finest. Just look at the pictures! Hearing Miriam’s testimony firsthand, I love how God orchestrated everything for her life, solved all her problems and provided what her heart yearns for. What a remarkable story. Indeed He can catch you when you fall!

If you want to purchase a copy of Miriam’s book “He Can Catch You When You Fall”, you may visit your nearest bookstores or you may order it online through Philippine Christian Book Stores or CSM Publishing.

Satellite PM: Growing Larger and Smaller at the Same Time

The church mentioned in the Bible does not refer to the structure, the building, nor the organizational system of the pious. The church in the Bible most accurately refers to every individual who has received the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their lives. If you have a personal relationship with the only Savior Jesus Christ, then you are the church. We, as Christ believers, are the church.

But in our context, we understand that the church also refers to the people who gather to worship the Lord and fellowship with one another and ultimately being guided by the Bible. In the heart of every healthy church is the desire to be a living organism, not just a growing organization. Seeking obedience to the commission of Jesus to “go and make disciples”, the church’s thrust is to get out of its comfort zone and move to where the “lost sheep” are. Jesus didn’t say to “wait and make disciples”, He commanded us to “go”. And it is a stern instruction!

Last Wednesday, instead of our usual Breakthrough Service/Prayer Meeting held in the church sanctuary, the leadership has brought the program to seven different locations. The church is bringing the Prayer Meeting right at the doorstep of the members, and it is actually an exhilarating idea!

To be honest, I was a bit doubtful at first whether it will get support from my churchmates. When people are used to spending their Wednesday nights in a familiar territory like the church sanctuary, it will not be easy to break the habit. But it takes a step of faith before you can spiritually move forward.

And glory to God, I can say that the church have overcome!

Our church, Marikina Foursquare Gospel Church, is again an expectant mother with potential seven daughter churches (or additional Bible studies) within and outside Marikina. If it is the Lord’s will, we are about to witness a plentiful harvest of souls as we extend our reach towards our neighbouring communities. It is always encouraging to see the church growing larger and smaller at the same time. Larger because there is a healthy increase in attendance, and smaller because people are joining care groups and Bible studies. Just like the early church, leaders are being sent to where the people are and proclaim the good news of the gospel wherever they were sent. This is a church in action!

Here are some pictures from our pilot Satellite Prayer Meeting:

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Slowly, all by God’s grace, we claim the realization of our vision statement:

Marikina Foursquare Gospel Church is a group of Spirit-filled believers whose lives are driven by God’s purpose, rooted in His Word, grounded in His love, equipped for service with the goal of winning and discipling families and communities for Christ.

And with this, the challenge is to #PrayPaMore! #TrustPaMore!

 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

* Photo credits to Kuya Benj, Bro. Jun M., Ate Ruth P., Kuya Rey T., Sis. Elena B., Sis. Mimi dL., Teacher Jet G. *

Why Do We Raise Hands During Worship?

Over these previous Sundays, I find myself being amused once again over the way people raise their hands and lift their voice to worship. Growing up in a Pentecostal church where free worship is encouraged, I am privileged to see different people with different personalities expressing their adoration to the Lord in different ways. This sight is no longer new to me. It brings encouragement to my spirit, knowing that in heaven there’ll be an endless praise from all nations redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb.

But why do people raise their hands to worship? Is it because the song leader says so? Is it just sheer emotional response caused by the melody of the songs? Is it because in a Pentecostal movement, raising hands have become the norm? Maybe yes, but these actually are shallow reasons and wouldn’t bring us anywhere. I still have faith that it is a gesture of genuine worship and reverence to the Divine Recipient of our adoration that we raise our hands as we sing.

Paul Baloche, in his devotional The Same Love, writes, “our theology or image of God is undeniably formed by the songs that we sing each Sunday”. Singing is not just a part of the program that needs to happen before and after the preaching of the Word. It does not function as a spiritual stimulator to check whether a person is ready for the rebuke or encouragement of the pastor’s message. Singing is not intended to “fire up” a person to worship – it is already worship in itself.

The primary role of every music ministry is not to produce music just to enliven the church program. Our music playlist on phone can do that. Their role is to lead us to worship where the focus is not towards themselves but towards the Lord. That is why the challenge for them is “to be more pastoral in [their] music ministries, caring more about [their] congregations getting a biblical, scriptural foundation for their lives than simply singing poetic thoughts.”

Are we just singing poetic thoughts flavored with hand gestures? I hope we are not. More than our hands and our bodies, we worship with our hearts first. What we do on the outside is just an expression of what is inside. Baloche adds, “He created us to be loved by Him; it’s that simple and that complex. Our response to such overwhelming good news is to worship Him, now and forevermore.”

Start with the Kids

It was 2009, panahon ng Ondoy since my last teaching stint sa mga bata. Kung babalikan ko yung mga panahon na yun, I can say it was not the best of times, obviously. I am an assistant preschool teacher thensa isang community school, and a fresh graduate of an accounting course. I took the teaching offer as my thanksgiving to the Lord for helping me get through college.

Typhoon Ondoy brought me tears while I am in that ministry. The school was submerged in mud and water – makapal na putik mula sa sahig hanggang kisame. Ang mga mesa ay nagkabutas-butas, mga upuan ay nagkabaklas-baklas. Ang mga libro ay humalo na sa putik. Wala na halos mapakinabangan. All the school property was destroyed. The ministry of the school has to respond to a very challenging question: what’s next after Ondoy? We are to start again in the middle of the school year. By God’s grace, my ministry experience as an assistant preschool teacher has experienced formal graduation on March of 2010, as well as my involvement in Children’s teaching ministry.

Fast forward
I was invited to share a familiar gospel story sa isang Children’s event. It was a thrilling experience, siguro dahil di na ako sanay o di talaga ako marunong mag-make face o magmodulate ng boses pambata. Pero overall, the experience made me think of important lessons in the ministry:

1. If you want a glimpse of the future, look at the kids.
Masarap balikan ang mga panahon natin (kung part ka ng 90s kids or earlier) kung saan napakasimple ng buhay. Naglalaro lang tayo ng mga lata at tsinelas, mga goma, balat ng kendi o ng mga pinitas na dahon masaya na tayo. Minsan nga di na natin kailangan ng props – habulan, taguan at asaran lang solb na. Pero aminin na natin na parte na lang yun ng ala-ala natin at tayo ay tumatanda na. Kung dati ipis lang ang kilala natin, ngayon ay panahon na ng mga iPad, iPhone at iHop. Dati dumadayo pa tayo sa mga library ngayon ang library ay accessible na in a click or tap. Ang mga laro ay di na masyadong physical but virtual. Kung dati naghahabulan ang mga bata sa kalsada, ngayon ang hinahabol ay kung sino ba ang ama ng bata.

Nagbago na at patuloy na nagbabago ang lahat sa kasalukuyang henerasyon, and before we know it the future has already arrived. We are advancing too fast, real fast.

If you are wondering what kind of future is in store for us, just look at at the kids. They are so intelligent that they can easily operate their gadgets while their parents remain clueless and dumbfounded. They can react accordingly, can reason intelligently and can argue emphatically, minsan dramatically pa nga. Kids today have access to too much information that we ourselves were not able to know during our childhood. Masyado silang matalino. And if our generation, and those before ours, has led us to the technological advancement we are enjoying now, can we imagine where these kids will bring humanity in the near future?

I believe that we can have a glimpse of the future through the eyes of the kids today. What do they possess? What do they value? As far as I can see, the future is exhilarating and full of wonder. Ang mga bagay na parang imposible dati, baka routine na gawain lang nila soon. Yung technology sa Star Wars at Capsule Inc. baka maging totoo na. Overseas travel will be very convenient and communication efficient. The future can be very exciting! However…

2. If you want to make a difference, start with the kids.
This is where the big pause is to be emphasized. Ika nga ni Uncle Ben, with great power comes great responsibility. Kids possess too much potential, but unfortunately they aren’t that responsible yet. They enjoy their resources but has no regard to the ultimate Source. Ang mga pabebe girls nga di na raw mapigilan. So as responsible adults it is our duty to inculcate values which will direct them to the right path.

Sabi sa isang seminar na naattendan ko, “if you want to change the world, begin with the children”. Bakit nga kaya? Because they are the message we bring to the world we will not be able to witness. Sila ang legacy na iiwanan natin. And if we fail to mold them with the right attitudes and values, we are sending the future generations a clear message that we don’t care.

We can clearly notice how the kids of this generation is beginning to dwindle down in terms of values. Kung paanong sumagot sa magulang at sa mga nakatatanda. Minsan nga mas napapasunod pa nila ang mga parents nila. And since they are exposed to the dangers of the world wide web, they are no longer naive to the things that are supposedly for adults only. The world is within their reach and we are losing influence to these kids in every single moment we refuse to invest time in them. Yet they are not without hope. The influence of media and society has no final word on them unless we allow it to. As parents, kuya and ate to these kids, we are bestowed with the privilege to rear them with excellence and positive influence. As we do this humbling task of touching their lives, we are also touching the future.

3. If you want to learn valuable lessons, learn from the kids.
Amazingly, by just observing kids, we can learn life lessons from them. Most of us adults miserably fail at important areas in life. We don’t accept new ideas from others and we are so proud of our own accomplishments. We are sometimes self-centered and preoccupied with unending worry. Yet the humility and teachable heart of a child is remarkable. In fact, even Jesus tells us to learn from the little children if we want to know the kingdom of God.

Kids are naturally full of faith and inspiration. Kapag nagtiwala sila na mangyayari ang isang bagay, in their vocabulary impossible is inexistent. If we’ll just listen to the heart of their prayers we’ll know how much faith they put into it na ito ay mangyayari. Unlike us adults, we keep on worrying.

“Eh ang kaso mga wala pa silang mga muwang sa realidad ng buhay kaya sila ganun”. Siguro nga wala pa silang muwang pero tayo naman, if we put our faith in the Lord like these children, we’ll realize that the reality of Jesus is enough for the reality of this world. The kind of faith our children possess is the epitome of faith God is expecting from us.

Kids are not just additional family members we receive from the Lord – they are treasures whose value never depletes over time. As adults, let us be the instrument of the Lord to shape them into praiseworthy citizens.

How to Keep your Ministry Unhealthy

I have read from Doug Fields’ book about Youth Ministry that in America, churches are facing problems regarding people in the ministry who abuses minors. According to him, incidences like these happen just because of failure to screen the “ministers” properly. It is frustrating to hear that the ministries that are supposed to give glory to God are also, in other way, the reasons why people turns away from God. Instead of becoming healthy for God, they are becoming unhealthy ministries.I am not referring to any particular ministerial group. I just felt the urge of expressing my viewpoints on how to keep a ministry strong and healthy. I am just beginning to experience God in my teaching ministry and I am not yet exposed to lots of professional ideas regarding service to God. And these are just my own principles (if you want to follow the pattern of the world for your ministry) on how to keep your ministry (as an individual or a group working for God’s kingdom) unhealthy.

Doubt. Doubt that God has the power to do the impossible for your ministry. Doubt that He can change the hearts of your audience. Doubt that He is omnipotent. Doubt — that’s the first thing you have to do in order to keep your ministry unhealthy.

Entertain gossips. Gossips are one of the most effective ways to ruin your relationship with God and with other people, especially with your co-workers in Christ. If you are determined to maintain an unhealthy ministry, just listen at the gossipers around. however, there’s a more effective way: spread gossips yourself.

Be ineffective. Working for God’s kingdom requires wholehearted devotion, and to keep it unhealthy, one of the easiest things to do is to sit back, relax, and let others do the job God has given you. Be a burden. this will make things burdensome for others and and it will surely make your ministry a failure.

Be proud and arrogant. God detests arrogance. Treasuring up pride and arrogance in your heart will surely keep you off track on God’s purpose. Look on your co-workers with contempt. Depend only on yourself. But be prepared for God’s judgment.

Wander around the vision. All ministries (actually, even secular organizations) have a vision for hem to grasp in order not to wander away from their primary purpose. Thus, it will be of help if you will fill up your mind with Satan’s lies regarding your ministry. Don’t follow the instruction “Catch the vision” by your ministry leader.

Live an unhealthy lifestyle.
To complete the list, it is but logical to say that in order to keep the results unhealthy, be unhealthy yourself. Live a life unworthy of the calling you have received (Note: Unworthy!) if you are called to be “someone”, deviate from being that “one”. Indulge yourself in debauchery, lust, greed, etc. Make your lifestyle unpleasant to others.

To sum it all, in order to make your ministry a failure, just disregard the blood of Jesus. Don’t waste any effort to think abouth what He has done on that cross to save you from the fires of hell. Don’t think about how good He was, how good He is, and how good He will be. Don’t believe His powers and ignore His call. Wait for His second coming unprepared. And when you see yourself heading towards the direction of a wide opening towards hell, when you see yourself swimming in the burning sulfur, and when you meet Satan congratulating you for a job well done, then you can proudly say that your goal to keep your ministry unhealthy is abig success.

Ministries are given by God, and are meant for God. He is the one who gave us the abilities and personalities to fit into a ministry where we’ll be useful and will be a blessing. However, itn is too discouraging to see ministries fail because the people who are supposed to be working for God are already working for themselves. Ministries should be God-led. It should be focused on God. It should be seeking the power of God. It should show the awesome works of God.

It is not yet late for a change. Be a blessing to your ministry. Surely, God will bless you also. Call onto God and He will keep your ministry in tact and heading towards God’s ultimate plan. By the way, ministries are God’s, not ours. And the word unhealthy is inappropriate for His ministry.