Living Room of Heaven

To us, Filipinos, our living rooms reveal much about our cultural personality. We are known for being hospitable and accommodating to our guests, whether they are really dear to us or not. We are too courteous to welcome people in our homes, asking them to dine with us though we don’t have that much on our plate. We put our best foot forward by allowing them to use our “well-kept” china wares, give them the best portion of our inihaw na manok or sinigang na bangus, and even running to the nearest sari-sari store to buy ice cold soft drinks that we wouldn’t think of buying if not for our visitor. We are even too generous to make them “feel at home” and provide them the best entertainment by giving them access to our most precious “remote control” should they ask for it. And to top it all, the kids will automatically be obedient and silent, on their best behavior as if a switch has been turned on. A typical hospitable Filipino family, right?

Living Room of Heaven

Our living room is the extension of our individual lives. Slowly dethroning the dining room, our living room becomes the primary place in home where families meet together to share their experiences throughout the day. This is because some family members opt to eat their food in the presence of their digital member of the family – the television.

If there is a place where everything must be pleasing to the eye and striking to the senses, it must be the living room. It speaks much about the family who lives in the house. In here visitors are welcomed, entertained and given the best of treatment.

During Bethel’s worship concert held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum on March 18, Amanda Cook, one of the worship leaders, expressed that she feels like she’s in the “living room of heaven”. It’s really one awesome moment really to be inside a huge room with your brothers and sisters in Christ while you are all singing songs of praise to the Lord.

Then I wondered, what does it feel like to be in the “living room” of heaven? Join me as I try to visualize heaven with my own silly imagination:


During a time when my spirit’s too consumed with stresses in work and in ministry, I found myself in dire need of spiritual refreshing and release. I am so full of worries and emotional burden that all I can ever think of is I am experiencing burn out and I need to find my rest.

Then I found myself in front of a door with a sign that reads: “Living Room of Heaven. You are Welcome.” I looked around and found no one so I knocked at the door. To my surprise, Jesus opened the door, welcomed me and asked me to enter. As I enter, I noticed that the room is just a typical room, but the feeling’s so light and relaxing. There’s a couch, a coffee table with photo books, the lighting’s good and the ambiance’s comfortable. I wonder what’s in store for me in this Living Room of Heaven.

Jesus is very welcoming and warm. After a few introductions, He told me that He just have some things to do, and that I make myself comfortable in the living room. A very typical courteous act. So I was left alone in that room.

Are there soothing hymns in the background?

A soothing song is played before my very ears. Unlike the songs I usually hear somewhere, this heavenly chorus focuses on the glory of the Lord. At last, no longer I feel distressed by the songs of selfishness and greed of people around me. I am no longer hearing the songs of disappointments and frustrations. I am no longer dragged down by the depressing song I used to hear: “You can’t do it” by ConDem Nation.

In this place, all I hear are songs of victory, of celebration and of God’s goodness. Songs that heal all wounds and scars will soothe my soul. I feel so refreshed, renewed, strengthened. And all of happened as soon as I entered the living room.

Are there amusing photographs available?

I took the photobook. As I open each page of the photobook, I am amazed how the Lord has kept and captured all the things that has happened to me since I was born. He has captured all smiles, all laughter. It’s a walk down the memory lane as I flip the pages of God’s photo collection.

Yet what puzzles me is that He has also captured the moments I stumbled and earned a bruise for myself. I can vividly remember the times I seemingly failed in life – my first heartbreak, when I lost my job, when I lost someone dear to me, among others. I told myself that I will ask the Lord about such pictures but then I saw below each photograph a note that reads either: “This has made you stronger”, “This has made you wiser”, or “This has made us closer”. For every heartbreak, for every fall, the Lord indeed has a purpose. I can’t help but utter my thanksgiving. I felt relieved. No he is not concerned about my heartbreaks, He is in fact concerned about me.

WAIT! If He keeps such records, does it mean He also has photos of me in my most disgusting state? When I was so full of myself and of the world? I felt so terrified for the first time since I entered the living room. I can’t understand myself, should I continue flipping the pages of this photo book? Unknowingly I came to the pictures when I was 21 years old – the time I can vividly remember I have done a terrible act against the Lord (actually, even before and after 21 years old, I have been a terrible Christian). But to my surprise, some pictures are missing! I thought to myself, how can He lose some pictures, but I also felt relieved that He doesn’t have proof of my waywardness in the past.

Curious enough, I carefully inspected the blank pages, and in marks of red there are notes written: “I remember your sins no more”. Only then I remembered what’s written on my Bible and what my pastor’s been preaching about my sins. I have been forgiven – in full. His love doesn’t keep any record of wrongs.

Are there foods to be served?

Oh my! I felt so excited! I became so curious about the delicacies of heaven! To us, Filipinos, food equates to fellowship. So I assumed if there will be food, there will be fellowship! But then again, the reflective me was reminded of how many food fellowships I have shared with people I should not have alliances with. I have compromised my ideals, my principles and my calling by partnering with people with ungodly motives and with no regard to high morals. I have had unholy alliances with certain people God told me not to partner with, and most of our transactions and dealings went over luscious servings of food. I felt embarrassed.

And then one by one familiar faces enter the living room. I remember my childhood friends, my elementary schoolmate, high school teacher, college buddies, even people I am not sure when I first met. They all joined me in the living room of heaven and had a share of laughs and joyful reminiscing. We discussed how we have met the Lord, how one have been instrumental to one’s knowledge of the Good News, and how they have waited to join me in the living room of heaven. But what kept me thinking and curious is that, as beautiful and awesome the living room of heaven is, they said that the whole kingdom is beyond description. That is the place that I should be looking forward to enter into, in God’s time.

Funny thing is, they have seen my excitement in the beginning – that I am curious about the delicacies of heaven. No, they didn’t bring any food with them but they told me that a great banquet is being prepared for the “Wedding Supper of the Lamb”. Amazingly as well, since I entered the room, I didn’t feel thirst nor hunger. If this living room is perfect in itself, how much more the whole kingdom!

But while I am pondering about all these, a very radiant Person entered the room. Jesus, so white and magnificent, beaming with glory and kindness is walking towards me and as He draw nearer, I felt nervous and afraid. At the back of my mind, I’m asking:

Am I really accepted in the Living Room of Heaven?

He motioned me to sit, since I stood up from my seat as He draws close. He looks at me in the eye, not with condemning stare but with eyes full of compassion and grace. His love emanates from His presence, and His holiness is so extravagant that I cannot really look directly at Him. Again I am reminded of my previous life – about how I tried to be good, to be loving, to be gracious to people. How I served Him in church, how I spoke about Him, how I lived my life as a Christian. But all those things doesn’t really count in His presence. No amount of my efforts and sacrifices will make me feel better in His presence.

But in His most reassuring words, He spoke life to me: “My son, you are accepted. In this living room of heaven, everyone’s welcome. The only question is, are they gonna welcome me in their life as well?”

I remembered the time I first accepted Him as Lord and Savior. That’s the time I gained the keys to the living room of heaven. A special place in His presence, where my sin meets forgiveness, my weakness meets strength, my failures meet victory and me as a sinner meets Jesus as Savior.

This is the living room of heaven, where the song of my salvation’s being played, the panoramic episodes of my life is being blessed by the Lord, and where genuine fellowship with brethren is being generously served. This is the living room of heaven – a place where I am accepted. And in this living room of heaven, I can find rest for my weary soul and burn out spirit.

If you’re gonna ask me where is this living room? It’s not out of reach. Just seek for the Lord. He’ll lead you to it. There you can find comfort and rest, salvation and hope.

In this living room of heaven, are you willing to meet the Lord too?

A Single’s Journey to Family & Finance Conference 2017

I love going to seminars about biblical stewardship and financial management. Partly because yun ang naging course ko noong college, pero mas compelling reason din siguro na kailangan ko ng matinding motivation para maging mas matipid, masinop at enterprising. Kaya nga when I learned about CCF’s Family and Finance Conference on Facebook, I immediately clicked “interested”, without even checking the registration details. 🙂


Yet when I was notified na malapit na yung event, and I learned that it will cost me P850-1k/tix (P1.5k-2k couple’s rate), medyo napaisip ako. I wanted to give it a go kaso I have bills waiting for me. Kailangan ko ulit I-spell ang P.R.I.O.R.I.T.I.E.S. Sa huli, I decided to give it up (pero narealize ko rin na I really need to learn how to manage my resources para sa mga susunod, hindi na mahirap mag-decide. Haha!).

Eh mabait si Lord. I read from Joei and Me’s Facebook page that she’s giving away free tickets for the event. I messaged her, and she told me to wait until 3pm for the announcement of winners. Since I seldom win in any kind of raffle draws, medyo chill lang. Until I received a personal message from Ms. Joei telling me that I won a pair of tickets! Wooh! Thanks for hosting the giveaway Ms. Joei! God bless you more! 🙂


So ang medyo inalala ko na lang after ay since couple ticket and napanalunan ko, saying naman ang blessing kung mag-isa lang ako. Syempre meron na ako on top of my mind na iimbitahan, hehe. Kaso, hindi siya available (aww, sad). Then I thought, maybe a college friend? Time to catch up and apply the Pray-Care-Share lesson namin sa church. Kaso I didn’t get any response. Then pag-uwi ko, I realized, bakit hindi si mama? Siya na lang ang ide-date ko! Besides, tamang-tama rin ang seminar na ito as the CFO ng aming munting pamilya. So, ayun na. 🙂

Learning from the gurus

Yung first session pa lang, medyo mahirap na i-swallow. We were asked to conduct a personal financial health check by identifying what we own and what we owe. As an accounting major, at dahil nasa financial management din ang trabaho ko, medyo familiar naman na ako kahit paano sa mga financial concepts being discussed, pero iba ang kabog kapag sarili mong pera ang inaanalyze mo. Pero mas mahirap lalo kung wala ka naman talagang iaanalyze. Haha!


Then came budgeting. Ang saya! I was encouraged to set financial goal, both for short term, medium term and long term. Ang daling maglista ng mga financial goals natin sa buhay – this age, dapat may ganito na… this age dapat meron na ako nito… this year ganito na dapat…. But setting goals is just the beginning of achieving such goals. It doesn’t end there. Malayong lakbayin pa!

While Joy Mendoza is speaking, alongside her husband Edric Mendoza, about her husband being so in love with spreadsheets, I uttered a silly prayer: Lord, help me to love spreadsheets too. I can’t believe na my whole career revolves around using spreadsheets and yet hindi ganun katindi ang pagmamahal ko dito. Hahaha!IMG_1145

Makailang ulit din tinanong kung ilan ang single sa crowd. Madami rin, considering that the event is a Family and Finance seminar. Magandang pagkakataon to learn the value of finances in the context of the family. The fact that most of the speakers did their talk as couple is something that I really appreciate. #RelationshipGoals indeed.

Ptr. Joby Soriano shared that 2/3 of couples fail to talk about money matters before they say ‘I Do’. No wonder why finances remain as the most argued concern for couples. Contentment is key, he emphasized. We are mere stewards, God is the owner, controller and provider of all things.


After all the talk, I am convinced that there is really no great divide between the secular and the spiritual. Sabi nga ni Mr. Randell Tiongon, “the whole idea of investing emanates from you being a good steward” and in Proverbs 13:22a, which Mr. Tiongson emphasized as well, “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children”.


Next StepsIMG_1133

Syempre, Mama and I discussed about what we’ve learned from the conference. Medyo inexplain ko yung ilang concepts na hindi niya masyadong naintindihan, but nevertheless I am glad that like me, she’s encouraged to be more enterprising, to save and on top of that to be a good steward of God’s entrusted resources.

On my part naman, mamahalin ko na si MS Excel.

Tsaka parang rewarding din sigurong maging RFP 🙂


The Dream


It was bit amusing yet chivalrous, bizarre yet encouraging, finding myself in a dream fighting to win someone’s heart. I know, it is imperative not to over-spiritualize things, especially dreams which are most of the time product of our ‘subconscious’ personality, but I believe my dream speaks of every man’s journey to search for his ‘better half’ and upon finding her, to serve and protect her with all his might. After all, God sometimes speaks through dreams. And while I do not claim any direct, divine explanation for my story, allow me to just sprinkle some thoughts I pondered as soon as consciousness hit me on my bed that day.

The Dream.png

The story unfolds inside a mansion with many rooms; contemporary in design yet the expanse so big it is comparable to an ancient castle. Some of the rooms are breathtaking in design and intricacies; some are so plain and dull. A fine, attractive lady is escorting me in my trip inside the mansion, bringing me from room to room boasting of its beauty. Her facial expression goes along with the design of the room – plain and mediocre when inside the plain rooms, radiant and spirited when inside the beautiful rooms.

As we progress in our journey that day, I noticed that the rooms are depreciating in splendor. The surrounding becomes damp and crowded; cobwebs begin to be visible and there emanates a stinking smell. Then I also noticed the embarrassment in her face. Our pace reduced and I can see the hesitancy in her eyes. It’s as if all the pain and doubts and worries and fears in life came upon her that moment. But I admired her for being strong. We moved slowly and she led me to the rooms with the worst condition compared to the first ones. She cries as she was telling me the stories behind the rooms. For some rooms, she can cite reasons, for others, she just returned blank stares, suggesting her lack of idea. I joined her in tears until we reached the terrace, which is also the end of my journey with her inside the mansion.

[I joined my friends outside the mansion. There we talked about our respective journeys in life. We poured out ourselves to each other as a band of brothers, ready to protect one another.] But when I gazed at the terrace, there I find visions of men and women contributing to the ugliness of the rooms I have witnessed inside the mansion. Some are even attempting to create new ugly rooms. Then a stirring came upon my heart. I need to protect the lady. I need to rescue her from people who try to add tears from her eyes by building ugly rooms in her mansion.

With friends alongside, we fought the forces. We fought our different battles. They had their own motivations. Mine is to rescue the lady. But we fought on the same battlefield. Our weapons seemed to be small and weak compared to our antagonists’, but we can retaliate. It is as if Someone stronger than anyone else in the field is backing us up. Ultimately, we won. We ended up victorious. And a celebration awaits us.

I gazed again at the terrace. There she is, surrounded still by the horrors of the ugly rooms behind her. With her as well are the people who love her and care for her welfare. But now I can see her welcoming countenance. Without hesitation, I asked her to come down from the terrace. She turned around and bade farewell to the people behind her, as if asking for their approval, which they gave. And with just a glimpse, she joined me at the celebration below; with the happiest face I can ever imagine, ready to build beautiful rooms in our own mansion.

Balik-sigla, Marikina!

Bago pa man tuluyang alisin ang mga Christmas displays along the Animal Trail, at least ma-recognize ko man lang through my blog how I really appreciate our local government’s efforts na maibalik ang sigla ng Marikina. Medyo matagal na rin na huli kong na-enjoy ang paglalakad along Animal Trail – pre-Ondoy period pa. Pero pagkatapos ng delubyong hatid ni Ondoy, at ng mga sumunod na mga bagyong nagpaapaw sa Marikina River, naging matamlay ang Pasko ng mga Marikeño (I’m speaking in behalf of those na nasanay na sa mga barangay Christmas displays at sa masiglang tiangge along the river).  Pero sabi nga, comeback is real mah homies!

Eniwei, simulan na natin ang Tour-de-Filipinas!


Ilocos Region c/o Brgy. Kalumpangluzon-1


Cordillera Administrative Region c/o Brgy. Marikina Heights




Cagayan Valley c/o Brgy. Concepcion Uno



Central Luzon c/o Brgy. Nangka




South Luzon c/o Brgy. Tañongimg_0998



Bicol Region c/o Brgy. Barangka



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Free eBook: Magplano Kahit Walang Planner

Download PDF here: magplano-kahit-walang-planner


It’s the time of the year na naman para sa mga makukulay at magagandang mga planners and journals. Napakasarap kaya sa pakiramdam na may bago kang kwaderno na pupunuin mo ng mga ganap mo for the day, week and months. Para sa akin, at sa marami sa atin, wala nang mas exciting pa sa amoy ng isang bagong notebook, lalo na kung may mga inspiring quotes at discount coupons pa na nakaipit sa mga pahina nito. Ay meron pala, amoy ng bagong biling libro, pero ibang topic na yun. 🙂

Aminin mo, hindi porke’t may planner ka nang maganda ay may magandang plano ka na rin for the year that is to come. Marami nga sa atin, clueless talaga sa kung paano ba tatakbo ang taon e. At hindi rin basehan na may planner ka, every plan will fall into their perfect place. Ang totoo nga niyan, may mga taong inaabot lang ng tatlong buwan ang pagkahumaling sa kanilang planner, pagkatapos nun wala na. At the end of the day, It all depends upon YOU kung paano maisasakatuparan ang bawat planong isusulat mo sa planner mo.

Kaya’t may planner ka man o wala, pagtulungan nating i-maximize ang ating taon #NoteToSelf way.

Rock to Daranak

Matagal-tagal na rin mula nang huli kong long ride, at masasabi kong sobra kong na-miss! Sa sobrang na-miss ko nga, halos umuwi na akong lumpo. Ang sakit lang, bes. Bawing-bawi talaga ang matagal na hiatus.

So here’s my entry sa recent escapade ng tropa:


Initially we’re planning to bike all the way to the Windmills of Pililia, Rizal. Medyo matindi-tindi ang sinapit ng mga kasama ko the last time they went there kaya medyo hesitant din kami na dun nga tumuloy lalo pa’t matagal-tagal kaming napahinga. So we pursued Tanay, Rizal instead. Along the way na lang namin napag-desisyunan na mag-Daranak.

Call time namin ay 5:30am pero kumain muna kami ng lugaw sa Riverpark. Kaya naman ang naging actual ride out namin ay naging 7am na halos.


Smooth na smooth ang byahe, at maliwanag na rin. Walang babaan, wala ring inom-inom ng tubig! Para sa mga non-pro bikers kagaya namin, isang malaking feat na ang umabot sa Angono, Rizal para sa unang stopover para bumili ng inumin. Ang saya walang baong tubig. Hahaha!


Sinalubong kami ng parade!

After a few minutes, padyak ulit! With occasional stops para maghabol ng hininga, uminom ng tubig at kumbinsihin ang sarili na nasa tamang katinuan pa ako sa kabila ng lahat ng ginagawa kong pagpapagod. Haha!



Isa sa mga best part ng long rides namin sa Rizal ay ang mga luscious green na mga palayan. Yes, luscious talaga kasi ang sarap sarap pagmasdan. Kaya syempre, bike selfie taken from Morong rice fields! 🙂

Pagdating sa Morong town proper, sinalubong kami ng isang mahabang funeral march. Medyo matinding pagsingit-singit at pakikibaka sa mga nagbubuhol-buhol na sasakyan. The best part riding a bike is that you can always squeeze yourself into traffic jams!

Unti-unti nang tumitindi ang init, kumakalam na rin ang sikmura; on top of that, namamanhid na ang mga hita ko kakapadyak! Mabuti na lang talaga may province-feels dahil sa mga bigas na nakalatag sa mga gilid ng kalsada na winawalis-walis pa! Nakaka-relax! Ayun, kahit na G na G pa ang mga kasama ko, nakiusap na akong magpahinga muna sandali sa lilim ng mga puno c/o Baras, Rizal.


Haha! Huli ka Henry!

After a few minutes, pagkakain ng Beng-Beng padyak kami ulit with the idea na wala nang 10kms nasa Tanay town proper na kami. My goodness, sobrang sakit na talaga ng mga binti at hita ko, pero ilang sandal na lang makakarating na kami ng Tanay… humihingi na talaga ako ng sorry sa katawan kong pinahihirapan ko nang sobra. Haha!

6Pampalubag-loob, sobrang naaliw lang ako sa overarching leaves ala UP on the way to Tanay, Rizal. Sobrang cool!


Ilang ahon, hingal at pagdadalawang-isip na umuwi ang lumipas, finally nakakakita na kami ng signages leading us to Daranak Falls. Ayun, may destination na kaming pupuntahan. Thinking na malapit na lang na paghihirap ang kailangan naming suungin, medyo na-excite na kami. Pero sa mga signages na nakita ko, isa ito sa mga kinatutuwaan ko… wala lang, siguro kung malakas-lakas lang resistensya namin, baka kayanin namin padyakin hanggang Laguna hanggang sa dumilim.

We could opt to book a nearest hotel para makapagpahinga na rin at maituloy ang desire namin to bike up to Laguna. In that case, is a valuable tool para dyan. With just a few clicks, makakakuha ka na ng great deals sa mga nearest hotels, para nga naman tuloy-tuloy ang biking adventure! Or use the link on the sidebar kung need mo maghanap ng ibang hotels. Go lang, bes!


Eto na nga, binagtas namin ang kalsadang magiging akala namin magiging friendly sa amin. We just thought na kahit paunti-unti lang, maaabot na namin ang inaasam-asam naming rest sa Daranak in a few minute ride. Pero puputok na lang ang mga paa namin at dadanak ang dugo kakapadyak, kakatulak sa mga ahon, dagdagan mo pa ng gutom at galit na galit na sikat ng araw, di pa namin natatanaw ni katiting na tubig ng Daranak. ayun sumuko na lang kami. Napatawag kami ng tricycle para i-rescue kami. At pinagdudahan pa namin na overcharged masyado ang singil sa amin, pero along the way sooooobrang layo pa pala talaga, at puro ahon pa! Good decision. As in. We were charged 50php each, kasama na ng bike. Oohh, the beauty and benefit of a folding bike.


Yun na, nakarating rin kami sa Daranak Falls! Gutom na gutom na kami kaya after magparada ng mga bikes, for 20php each bike, hanap kami agad ng makakainan. Bago ka pumasok ng entrance, may mga nagtitinda ng mga noodles, inihaw na liempo, tilapia, mga de lata etc. We bought inihaw na tilapia for 150php each, malaki siya and good for 3-4 persons na and additional rice for 10php each. Ok na rin para sa mga gutom at pagod na kagaya namin. We could have added more sa pagkain kaso medyo limited lang ang budget namin. Salamat talaga kay Kuya Benjie. Haha!


Daranak Falls is a haven for nature lovers. Marami-rami rin ang mga bikers and motorcycle riders na dumadayo dito. Bukod sa Falls na talaga namang nakaka-fall in love, may Calinawan Cave pa na pwedeng pasukin. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get through the cave. Masyado kasi kaming na-fall sa paliligo sa falls.


11The entrance fee is at 50php each. Open din for photoshoots and prenuptials for 1500php. No pets and alcoholic beverages allowed. May mga picnic sheds din na pwedeng rentahan for 300php and picnic tables for 200php each.

21After considerable time na makapagpahinga, talo-talo na!

“Sa sobrang ganda mo, hindi ko maiwasang hindi ma-fall sayo”


“Gusto sanang mahulog sayo, kaso natatakot akong baka wala kang intensyong saluhin ako”

Joke lang, di lang ako marunong lumangoy.


“Falls alarm! Akala ko ok tayo, ang lamig po pala. Awts”


Nag-decide kaming itigil na ang kasiyahan bandang 4pm at mag-asikaso na pauwi. Akala ko nung una, since ayaw ko sa malamig [na tubig], hindi ko masyadong magugustuhan, pero iba rin kapag nahulog ka na. Haha!




Ayun, bye Daranak!


Ordeal pa rin ang pag-uwi pero the best part ay kung saan kami idinaan ng tricycle paakyat, siya rin ang dinaanan ng mga bike namin pababa. Heavenlies! Sobrang saya ng ilang kilometrong downhill! 🙂


Pero kahit gaano pa kasaya ang lahat, kailangan pa rin naming harapin ang katotohanang gumagabi na at kailangan nang makauwi agad sa aming mga mahal sa buhay dahil may church service pa kinabukasan. Bukod pa dun, halos wala na rin kaming energy. Nagdecide na kami ni Henry na mag-bimodal pero si Kuya Benjie nag-insist na pumadyak pa ulit pauwi through Teresa, Rizal. So we parted ways. I arrived home ng mga 8:30pm.

At ang kinabukasan ay napuno ng limping and agonizing pain sa paglalakad. Para na rin akong nabugbog sa pagod at sakit ng hita, binti at tuhod.


Until next time! At mukhang marami-rami pang pwedeng mapuntahan sa Tanay, Rizal. 🙂

Art-preciation at Pinto Art Museum

Since I first read about Pinto Art Museum sa isang blog na pina-follow ko, nagkaroon na talaga ako ng desire to visit the place. Hindi dahil sa mahilig ako sa art – actually wala nga yata akong bahid ng artistry sa katawan. I don’t know how to draw, I have no inclination to sculpting, kahit color combination hindi rin ako maaasahan. Masyado lang akong na-curious sa ganda ng lugar based sa pictures and sa reviews na nakikita ko online. One more thing, just a few rides away lang siya from Marikina, so why not give it a shot?


The opportunity came last Saturday. Medyo kinabahan lang ako na hindi matuloy dahil sa sobrang lakas ng ulan. Good thing, as soon as makumpleto na kami ng mga kasama ko by 3pm, the rain gradually stopped kaya nagpatuloy na kami.

Since weekend kami nagpunta, grabe ang dami ng tao. So I advise na kung maisipan niyong pumunta, do it on weekdays. Sa dami ng tao, usually couples and mga fashionista (sorry not sorry haha!), hindi malabong may photobomber ang mga photos mo. Kailangan mo lang talagang maghintay ng proper timing.

Hindi ko na sasabihin ang kabuuan ng trip around the museum – marami na online. I’ll just post some pictures na lang 🙂

*This is what I call trabahong tamad. Basta salpak na lang ng pictures! Haha!*





















Grabe, sobrang ganda ng lugar. Even for someone like me who’s not into arts, na-enjoy ko nang sobra ang pagtake ng pictures. Parang Santorini ang vibe ng lugar, at pabor para sa mga katulad kong kayumanggi ang dominant white na feel ng bawat gallery.

I really appreciate the place. The artworks speak of the personality of its respective creator. I can just imagine the emotions and longings contained in every single work of art displayed there. Hindi lang instagrammable ang bawat piyesa na naka-display sa museum. Actually, hugot-worthy din ang mga likhang-sining na iyon. Ilang luha na kaya ang na-witness ng bawat frame na nakadisplay? Gaano karaming pawis ang tumagaktak para matapos ang bawat sculpture?

Namangha ako sa mga man-made pieces na nakita ko. It only shows how God has been liberal in endowing some people with gifts of artistry and creativity (while some with other skills naman). Hindi man ako nabiyayaan ng artistic prowess, sobrang naappreciate ko naman ang gift niya sa mga artists natin. Iba-ibang medium man ang mga artworks na naroon pero ang naging ultimate impact is to please their respective creators.

Kagaya natin. Iba-iba rin ang wiring. God has crafted us intricately with uniqueness and beauty (or kagwapuhan, haha!) like no other, pero ang ultimate goal is to please our Maker. This is our worship. At kung makikita natin ang ating sarili sa vantage point ni Lord sa langit, siguro para rin Siyang nagmamasid at namamangha sa “gallery of His most precious creation” na Siya mismo ang may-akda.

If you want to know more about Pinto Art and what’s in store for you kung pupunta ka dun, might as well read Ms. Rej Rellova’s blog, the one I’ve cited above. Promise magaganda ang pictures na kuha niya 🙂

Visit Pinto Art Museum’s FB Page for more information.

*Though parang hindi updated as of this article, P200 pesos na ang Entrance Fee for regular folks, FYI*