Train of Thanks 03

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

Another work week ahead of us guys! Let us all welcome MONDAY! Taada!

While this day is the least loved day of the week, if we’ll just look back how things went through last week, we can greet Mondays not with “here we go again” but with enthusiastic “let’s get it on!”.

So here’s my train of thanks for last week:

  1. I received separate messages from my college classmate and from an online friend regarding job opportunities – one related to accounting and the other one related to content writing. While there are no confirmations yet and I haven’t started with both, I feel so grateful for people who remember me and include me on their list.
  2. This APEC Week gave me time to revisit my published articles in my college student paper. It feels good to read my poems and editorial columns, and be reminded of all the stories behind those articles. In my future posts, one by one they will have life again. Ohh, this APEC Week I was also able to catch up with my bank reconciliation back logs for the office. I think this is yet my most productive free time I can remember. Haha! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend our Satellite PM because I forced myself too hard, ending up in a headache.
  1. For three times this week, I roamed Marikina at night with my bike – twice with Kuya Benj and on one occasion, I am alone. It feels good to go on a road trip on a bike, especially when it is night – less vehicles to share the road with, cool breeze and of course, we are under the blanket of stars. I really appreciate the City Government of Marikina for providing bike lanes for people who’d rather ride bikes than motorized vehicles.
  2. The culmination of our DepFest Reloaded 2015 was a blast! As a department we are not expecting to be hailed second placer out of the seven church departments. But more than the competition was the joy we have shared as a church. It is good to see people who used to be silent in church joining games such as news casting, chorale reading, Dubsmash competition, among others. Indeed, the church is a pool of talented individuals that can be tapped for ministries for the greater glory of God.
  3. This Sunday’s Message spoke to me personally especially when I took the challenge “consider your ways”. One must give careful thought on the purpose of his new life. To be derailed in your purpose, to be distracted in your priorities is to miss out God’s mighty work in your life. Now that God is bringing me into a “special” season of life, I know that He has something for me to do – but I must not get distracted otherwise I will lose sight of what He has for me.

How about you, what are you thankful for this week?