Keeping Friends

Having a friend is one thing. Keeping them is another.

Acquaintances will always be around. Casual friends will eventually come. However, out of the hundreds of people we meet every day, we keep just a handful of intimate friends. The reason is simple – trust is elusive, and it is only given to those who really deserve it.


Friends just come and go, but real friends stick together. Distance cannot separate. Intimate friends will remain intimate as long as trust is present. Trust is the glue that bonds people together and make them bow to each other that they’ll remain loyal to their friendship.

I am privileged to have people whom I consider my best buddies. We may not always have a chance to physically go out together for lunch or out-of-town trips, but our concern and prayers for each other keeps us connected. Thanks to social media, communication is much easier.

Friendship 1Having a friend is one thing. Keeping them is another. Keeping friends is one of the most wonderful gift you can give yourself. Real friendship do not keep score on who gets the most out of the friendship. You may fight over the biggest pizza slice or who will get the most prized seat in a taxi, but at the end of the day, you remain friends.

If you have found your friends for keep, I tell you, you are more than blessed.

Friendship 3