A Single’s Journey to Family & Finance Conference 2017

The whole idea of investing emanates from you being a good steward.

I love going to seminars about biblical stewardship and financial management. Partly because yun ang naging course ko noong college, pero mas compelling reason din siguro na kailangan ko ng matinding motivation para maging mas matipid, masinop at enterprising. Kaya nga when I learned about CCF’s Family and Finance Conference on Facebook, I immediately clicked “interested”, without even checking the registration details. 🙂


Yet when I was notified na malapit na yung event, and I learned that it will cost me P850-1k/tix (P1.5k-2k couple’s rate), medyo napaisip ako. I wanted to give it a go kaso I have bills waiting for me. Kailangan ko ulit I-spell ang P.R.I.O.R.I.T.I.E.S. Sa huli, I decided to give it up (pero narealize ko rin na I really need to learn how to manage my resources para sa mga susunod, hindi na mahirap mag-decide. Haha!).

Eh mabait si Lord. I read from Joei and Me’s Facebook page that she’s giving away free tickets for the event. I messaged her, and she told me to wait until 3pm for the announcement of winners. Since I seldom win in any kind of raffle draws, medyo chill lang. Until I received a personal message from Ms. Joei telling me that I won a pair of tickets! Wooh! Thanks for hosting the giveaway Ms. Joei! God bless you more! 🙂


So ang medyo inalala ko na lang after ay since couple ticket and napanalunan ko, saying naman ang blessing kung mag-isa lang ako. Syempre meron na ako on top of my mind na iimbitahan, hehe. Kaso, hindi siya available (aww, sad). Then I thought, maybe a college friend? Time to catch up and apply the Pray-Care-Share lesson namin sa church. Kaso I didn’t get any response. Then pag-uwi ko, I realized, bakit hindi si mama? Siya na lang ang ide-date ko! Besides, tamang-tama rin ang seminar na ito as the CFO ng aming munting pamilya. So, ayun na. 🙂

Learning from the gurus

Yung first session pa lang, medyo mahirap na i-swallow. We were asked to conduct a personal financial health check by identifying what we own and what we owe. As an accounting major, at dahil nasa financial management din ang trabaho ko, medyo familiar naman na ako kahit paano sa mga financial concepts being discussed, pero iba ang kabog kapag sarili mong pera ang inaanalyze mo. Pero mas mahirap lalo kung wala ka naman talagang iaanalyze. Haha!


Then came budgeting. Ang saya! I was encouraged to set financial goal, both for short term, medium term and long term. Ang daling maglista ng mga financial goals natin sa buhay – this age, dapat may ganito na… this age dapat meron na ako nito… this year ganito na dapat…. But setting goals is just the beginning of achieving such goals. It doesn’t end there. Malayong lakbayin pa!

While Joy Mendoza is speaking, alongside her husband Edric Mendoza, about her husband being so in love with spreadsheets, I uttered a silly prayer: Lord, help me to love spreadsheets too. I can’t believe na my whole career revolves around using spreadsheets and yet hindi ganun katindi ang pagmamahal ko dito. Hahaha!IMG_1145

Makailang ulit din tinanong kung ilan ang single sa crowd. Madami rin, considering that the event is a Family and Finance seminar. Magandang pagkakataon to learn the value of finances in the context of the family. The fact that most of the speakers did their talk as couple is something that I really appreciate. #RelationshipGoals indeed.

Ptr. Joby Soriano shared that 2/3 of couples fail to talk about money matters before they say ‘I Do’. No wonder why finances remain as the most argued concern for couples. Contentment is key, he emphasized. We are mere stewards, God is the owner, controller and provider of all things.


After all the talk, I am convinced that there is really no great divide between the secular and the spiritual. Sabi nga ni Mr. Randell Tiongon, “the whole idea of investing emanates from you being a good steward” and in Proverbs 13:22a, which Mr. Tiongson emphasized as well, “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children”.


Next StepsIMG_1133

Syempre, Mama and I discussed about what we’ve learned from the conference. Medyo inexplain ko yung ilang concepts na hindi niya masyadong naintindihan, but nevertheless I am glad that like me, she’s encouraged to be more enterprising, to save and on top of that to be a good steward of God’s entrusted resources.

On my part naman, mamahalin ko na si MS Excel.

Tsaka parang rewarding din sigurong maging RFP 🙂


Train of Thanks 16

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

How strenuous it is trying to accomplish so many things at a time, but I am glad God never fails to supply me with much needed strength for day to day.  Let me share some of the highlights of my week for this thanksgiving series.

  1. I am not new to series of meetings but whenever I face such events, just like what happened this weekend, I feel like I need double portion of strength to sanely participate in all the brainstorming sessions and reporting. I thank the Lord for reminding me that all my labor for His sake is never in vain, and that I am working for a kingdom that will never be shaken.
  2. After careful prayer and consideration, I took the challenge of taking the youth ministry leadership for the church. I can still remember how I refuse to work with the youth department since I know I am not that relational and I do not have a charismatic personality. Yet here I am, excited to chart the ministry game plan with my enthusiastic partner. I am personally excited for God’s mighty moving in the lives of the youth of our church!
  3. With regards to the Youth Ministry lead post that I accepted, I was officially installed last Sunday, along with all the appointed church officers. With our official appointment comes my prayer that a ministry offered to the Lord and presented for accountability in front of the church is a ministry that is to be empowered and be taken care of God.
  4. I am thankful that the verse “steady plodding brings prosperity”, something I first encountered when I attended a Biblical Financial Study by Crown Financial, inspires me to save even a meager amount of money, for I know the sacrifice will soon pay off. My meager savings and sacrifices a few months back became my source for very timely expenses and purchases. Now, I am trying to increase my savings. J
  5. Last Sunday, I had a very wonderful time of reflection and recreation. It is good to hear messages of confirmation from the Lord, knowing that you have been praying for God’s encouragement for your undertakings. In addition, I was brought by my friend to a cosplay event at SMX, something that is very new to me. I felt so entertained. But the highlight of the day was when I am just gazing upon the waters on the bay side. Very relaxing.

We will never run out of things to be thankful for from day to day. What’s yours?


How We Handle Money Impacts our Relationship with the Lord

“Am I trustworthy enough to be entrusted with “true riches”?

Whenever I assess my spending habit, I can always say that I am more of the impulsive, emotional spender. I tend to buy things on impulse, most of the time because of a “false need” – things I presume to be important but realizing after a few days that I can go with life without those.

There are also times when my purchases are prompted by emotions attached to it. I buy things because of silly reasons like “I don’t have the luxury to have this thing when I was a kid” or “having this (or paying for this) will make me feel more important to [insert person’s name here]”.

There are instances as well when I spend on things based on presumptions on the future – that in due time, they will be beneficial to me. Yet time flies and the things remain unused, much more untouched.

I have my own spending personality. Everyone has their own spending personality. But however we spend our God-given resources, How We Handle Money Impacts our Relationship with the Lord.

This is the premise of the first session of the Biblical Financial Study, a ten-part series that I am attending as of writing of this note.

“Therefore if you have not been faithful in the use of worldly wealth, who will entrust the true riches to you?”  Luke 16:11

A question came stirring my mind that night – am I trustworthy enough to be entrusted with “true riches”?

I have this question ringing in my head. I felt guilty. The guilt that does not condemn me, but gives me hope.

Embarking on a Journey to Financial Wisdom

“Give and give until it hurts… Give and give until it hurts no more”

The first time I saw the poster about Biblical Financial Study series, I know that I have to be there. I immediately inked my planner on March 10 for the orientation and grabbed few of my pals to hear for ourselves what the course has in store for us.

10897958_10204820128335470_4623554547665469440_nPrompted by my desire to be more financially wise and stable, and my innate curiosity to learn, my friends and I headed to Marikina Christian Fellowship Center. The orientation has not started yet when we arrived, and I don’t know why I am so expectant during that time, like a child waiting for his birthday presents.

As the program commenced, I looked around the place. I can easily count the number of participants – not more than 20. I guess the seminar topic isn’t really that much appealing to others, considering it is also being promoted on air thru DZAS. Or maybe, the marketing isn’t that much effective. But that is least of my concerns. I just couldn’t wait for the program specifics of the series of seminar I am committing myself into.<blockquote class=”alignright”>“When you give God your tithe, that doesn’t mean you have the complete authority over the remaining 90 percent. All 100 percent of what you have is God’s.”

The orientation highlights the testimonies of two previous students of BFS (who will also be small group facilitator in the actual sessions) and presentation of the course outline.

Some of the most remarkable things I have pondered on the testimonies that night are as follows:

“Give and give until it hurts… Give and give until it hurts no more”

“When you give God your tithe, that doesn’t mean you have the complete authority over the remaining 90 percent. All 100 percent of what you have is God’s.”

I then concluded to myself – this will really be life-changing and habit-forming!

Ptr. Mark Aranal, or more fondly called “Direk Mark” and the one to conduct the BFS, introduces the course outline which includes lesson on Debt, Honesty, Giving, Work, Investing and Spending, among others.

I am all the more excited for the following weeks to come.