The Dream

Then a stirring came upon my heart. I need to protect the lady.


It was bit amusing yet chivalrous, bizarre yet encouraging, finding myself in a dream fighting to win someone’s heart. I know, it is imperative not to over-spiritualize things, especially dreams which are most of the time product of our ‘subconscious’ personality, but I believe my dream speaks of every man’s journey to search for his ‘better half’ and upon finding her, to serve and protect her with all his might. After all, God sometimes speaks through dreams. And while I do not claim any direct, divine explanation for my story, allow me to just sprinkle some thoughts I pondered as soon as consciousness hit me on my bed that day.

The Dream.png

The story unfolds inside a mansion with many rooms; contemporary in design yet the expanse so big it is comparable to an ancient castle. Some of the rooms are breathtaking in design and intricacies; some are so plain and dull. A fine, attractive lady is escorting me in my trip inside the mansion, bringing me from room to room boasting of its beauty. Her facial expression goes along with the design of the room – plain and mediocre when inside the plain rooms, radiant and spirited when inside the beautiful rooms.

As we progress in our journey that day, I noticed that the rooms are depreciating in splendor. The surrounding becomes damp and crowded; cobwebs begin to be visible and there emanates a stinking smell. Then I also noticed the embarrassment in her face. Our pace reduced and I can see the hesitancy in her eyes. It’s as if all the pain and doubts and worries and fears in life came upon her that moment. But I admired her for being strong. We moved slowly and she led me to the rooms with the worst condition compared to the first ones. She cries as she was telling me the stories behind the rooms. For some rooms, she can cite reasons, for others, she just returned blank stares, suggesting her lack of idea. I joined her in tears until we reached the terrace, which is also the end of my journey with her inside the mansion.

[I joined my friends outside the mansion. There we talked about our respective journeys in life. We poured out ourselves to each other as a band of brothers, ready to protect one another.] But when I gazed at the terrace, there I find visions of men and women contributing to the ugliness of the rooms I have witnessed inside the mansion. Some are even attempting to create new ugly rooms. Then a stirring came upon my heart. I need to protect the lady. I need to rescue her from people who try to add tears from her eyes by building ugly rooms in her mansion.

But we fought on the same battlefield. Our weapons seemed to be small and weak compared to our antagonists’, but we can retaliate. It is as if Someone stronger than anyone else in the field is backing us up.

With friends alongside, we fought the forces. We fought our different battles. They had their own motivations. Mine is to rescue the lady. But we fought on the same battlefield. Our weapons seemed to be small and weak compared to our antagonists’, but we can retaliate. It is as if Someone stronger than anyone else in the field is backing us up. Ultimately, we won. We ended up victorious. And a celebration awaits us.

I gazed again at the terrace. There she is, surrounded still by the horrors of the ugly rooms behind her. With her as well are the people who love her and care for her welfare. But now I can see her welcoming countenance. Without hesitation, I asked her to come down from the terrace. She turned around and bade farewell to the people behind her, as if asking for their approval, which they gave. And with just a glimpse, she joined me at the celebration below; with the happiest face I can ever imagine, ready to build beautiful rooms in our own mansion.

Keeping Friends

Having a friend is one thing. Keeping them is another.

Acquaintances will always be around. Casual friends will eventually come. However, out of the hundreds of people we meet every day, we keep just a handful of intimate friends. The reason is simple – trust is elusive, and it is only given to those who really deserve it.


Friends just come and go, but real friends stick together. Distance cannot separate. Intimate friends will remain intimate as long as trust is present. Trust is the glue that bonds people together and make them bow to each other that they’ll remain loyal to their friendship.

I am privileged to have people whom I consider my best buddies. We may not always have a chance to physically go out together for lunch or out-of-town trips, but our concern and prayers for each other keeps us connected. Thanks to social media, communication is much easier.

Friendship 1Having a friend is one thing. Keeping them is another. Keeping friends is one of the most wonderful gift you can give yourself. Real friendship do not keep score on who gets the most out of the friendship. You may fight over the biggest pizza slice or who will get the most prized seat in a taxi, but at the end of the day, you remain friends.

If you have found your friends for keep, I tell you, you are more than blessed.

Friendship 3

Train of Thanks 14-15

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

Wow, another two weeks passed and before all things pile up before me, I would like to catch up with my train of thanksgivings. If you are like me who is not good at remembering dates, occasions and names, keeping things at hand and jotting them down is very practical and helpful. Let me share my notes these past few days:

  1. February marks the start of the Foursquare Bible College Extension class openings! Since I now have time to spare for night classes, I grabbed all four subjects offered, three of which I currently take in Marikina extension and the other one I decided to take in Sauyo. Though attending the Sauyo class is more tiresome and challenging, I opted to do such so I can free myself from Saturday classes. No Saturday class means extra time for rest or recreation!
  2. I am thankful for my weekend biking sessions this past two weeks. Two Sundays ago we went to Antipolo to visit Bongbong (and eat Nanay Mely’s palabok and turon extraordinaire) and just yesterday we went to SM Center Angono, Rizal to, mind you, buy Gatorade (and take pictures, syempre). Haha!12697305_1195651783787990_2770984481242465982_o
  3. Last Friday I went to Marikina Sports Park alone to do a few rounds of jogging (and more of walking). That was my first time after long period of hiatus so I find myself still adjusting to it. Hopefully I will able to continue this routine, even at least once a week. Onto a physically fit figure!
  4. I was tasked to take over the preaching duty for Tumana Foursquare Gospel Church since their pastor is still in the hospital. It was a nice experience though, sharing the Word of God in a different environment. I talked about God’s Kind of Love.
  5. I really appreciate our Love Day topic on God’s Love shown in the lives of Hosea and Gomer. In spite of all our unfaithfulness and waywardness, it is comforting to realize that the Lord still welcomes us with open arms, longing for us to come back to His loving embrace. In comparison to God’s love, ours is but a mist, a dew in the morning, easily dissolved in the heat of the day. Yet God’s love is everlasting, it will never ever change.12698590_10207560863452135_4174585667346761112_o
  6. I challenged myself for a Love Month series where I will be posting FB notes on a daily basis about God’s love notes to us. I find that this is such a huge task to do, and I often see myself working late nights just to finish one post. In fact I failed to write for certain dates. But by faith, I will be able to finish this challenge by the end of the month. First day’s post is about “God Says You Are… Privileged”
  7. I am trying to be more of a morning person since lately I find myself rushing up every morning so I wouldn’t be late for work. Now that gravity has heavier pull in the morning (not a scientific truth anyway), I really need to work hard on this area. To my consolation, waking up early in the morning is a refreshing experience, but makes me very sleepy on my night classes.
  8. For the first time this year, I was able to return to my favorite spot in Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain! It is really nice to unload all your emotional baggage and future plans before the Lord and find times of refreshing from His word. I see myself as a kid who runs to his Father, crying without the need to explain anything, just enjoying the embrace of his beloved Father. It was such a nice moment indeed.12697343_10207554291687845_4072237667328547596_o
  9. I survived Mt. Pico de Loro! Details soon. Na naman.
  10. I thank the Lord for gift of friendship. I am glad to have friends whom I can share my frustrations and aspirations in life, and who challenges me to “just be me”. Priceless blessing from the heavens.

There you go, my thanksgivings for the past two weeks. How about you? What are you thankful for?

Because food and bike goes together

Uulitin pa ba namin? Most likely yes.

Today is a very tiring yet fulfilling day. My friends and I spent our Saturday morning on our bicycles, roaming around Marikina, breaking free from our usual routine. However, instead of just pedalling our way to physical exhaustion, we have decided to make our journey more meaningful by visiting some of our churchmates (at kumain ng lahat ng ihahanda nila!).

First stop: Nicolas’ Residence
Our treat: Perfect goto sa umaga


Second stop: Nanay Luz’ Eatery
Our treat: Napakasarap na lumpiang gulay/okoy


Third stop: Paragas’ Residence
Our treat: Sandwich, softdrinks at takehome Cream-O


Final stop: Mangaya’s Residence
Our treat: Full lunch – Baliwag Lechon, Siarsiadong GG and Iced-tea habang nanonood ng Eat Bulaga


What did I get after tiring yourself under the heat of the sun on a lazy weekend?

1. Masaya kayang makasabay si Mayor Del sa pagbibisikleta! Yup, we just had a close encounter with the mayor himself as if we’re close buddies. He even said “good morning” and “sama kayo”.

2. I appreciate how my city is indeed a bicycle friendly city. Bike lanes are big help for bike enthusiasts and feeling enthusiast kagaya ko.

3. Food! Wala ng kailangan pang paliwanag.

4. I had the chance to pay a visit sa lolo ko kahit sandali lang para makapag-mano. It was just a short side trip though.

5. Sabay-sabay na panonood ng AlDub at sabay-sabay ring mag-alala kay Yaya at mainis na di pa rin sila nagkita. #SquadGoals

6. Minister with friends. If there is one thing that I am thankful of sa mga friends ko, when it comes to service and love for God, you can always count on them. Serving with them is a joy.

7. Also, having this:


8. And most importantly, this kunwari-Timberland shot.


Uulitin pa ba namin? Most likely yes.