Heaven’s Chorus

Ti’s the night we’re called for a celebration!

Heaven's Chorus

This is a night of commemoration

When creation stood in adoration

And joined the heavenly delegation

To worship the One and only reason

He came not with a sound of trumpets

Welcomed not by people, almost unnoticed

No room to spare for the born Redeemer

Silently He was laid down on a manger

He was esteemed not by people He chose to die for

Yet willingly He offered His life for us all

This Christmas, let Him take the center place in your heart

Don’t leave Him in the sidelines, give Him the best part!

Ti’s the night we’re called for a celebration

Make room for Him in your joyous season

Let’s altogether join the whole creation

In welcoming the Savior’s birth – Jesus

The hope and reason for the season

First written 12.24.14, unedited. No punctuation marks 🙂