To Our Pastor

A pastor with a love that sticks to the end.

To Our Pastor.jpg

Keen to details ‘til all systems in place;

people around you have to cope with your pace!

Your works are exemplary and worthy of praise;

You are a role model, a woman of grace!


A mentor, a mother, a leader, a friend,

a pastor with a love that sticks to the end.

Your hands, though full, you are willing to lend

to guide us to the One on whom we must depend.


Your loads are heavy we know it’s true,

For you carry us in prayers ‘til you see us through.

Yet this time allow us to bless you in a way you’ll construe –

Receive our deepest appreciation, Pastora K – we love you!

Train of Thanks 10

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

To those who made a commitment to their New Year’s resolutions, this first week is usually filled with strongest drive to push through certain goals. Be it a fitness goal, financial goal or notching one’s bucket list, don’t give up! This week’s a jumpstart!

  1. One of my goals for this year is to read a lot of books, and I don’t want to limit myself with self-help, practical Christian living books and books about faith and theology, but I will relive the joy of reading locally published selections. I am glad to have read (and re-read) Bob Ong books since Christmas and just this week I have finished Lumayo ka nga sa Akin and ABNKKBSNPLAKo?!, 12th anniversary edition. It has amused me, as always – Bob Ong’s wit and way of writing. But more than just giving me a good laugh, he made me think hard of his life choices. He chose to go against the flow, against the norms of writing conventions. Of course, he got flak at first, but his counter-culture desire to voice himself indeed made a difference. I feel thankful for his testimony, that in order to make a difference, you sometimes need to be different.image
  2. I was invited to write a guest post! Unfortunately, I haven’t started yet and I am still praying about what I’m going to write about.
  3. I bought a new bike saddle to help myself from long, painful rides.
  4. My new saddle’s first duty was when our expanding team of bikers went as far as Morong, Rizal to eat Again, I am no food blogger but I do love to eat. Budbod House’s specialty, offers interesting menu (which I failed to even take note or take a picture of) only budbod tapsilog, and the one I ordered – Budbod Rice Special a yang chow of sort with lechon kawali, salted egg and a few slices of fresh tomato.


  5. My Christian Worker’s license under Church of the Foursquare Gospel in the Philippines is again officially renewed. Held at Max’s Restaurant, QC Circle, I joined almost 150 pastors and church workers to renew commitment to the ministry of Christ through the church. While the program is nowhere near perfection – there were couple of bloopers and miscoordination, but what matters is how we value what was given us, what’s the ultimate reason behind the program. To those who attended, it is about the cause of Christ of bringing the good news of the gospel to every home in every community.

 What are the things you are thankful for this week?