Train of Thanks 21

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

The heat is on! Literally. To think that we are just approaching April. I wonder how intense the heat will be on the next few weeks until the rainy days. Lord, please give us more “grace” to weather. 🙂

Anyway, here are my thanksgivings for the week:

1. I thank God for the opportunity to serve at the Journey to the Cross. I was able to substitute as station manager for “The Cloth”, explaining the relevance of Jesus’ customary folding of cloth whenever he finishes a woodwork. This custom as a Jewish carpenter was made manifest as well when his disciples visited his tomb – only to find out nothing but linens folded and left neatly on the floor of the tomb. The Carpenter has left behind a simple message – it is finished.

Indeed, one of the joys of serving the Lord is to share to all people how good and gracious God’s love is through Jesus Christ.

2. I’m done with the book Humble Orthodoxy by Joshua Harris (if not for Ondoy, I already have a complete set of all his titles. How sad). Just a short takeaway from the book: Our knowledge of theology must be evidenced by a humble life. This short book discusses about how we, as Christians feel as if we are so entitled to the grace that we have received from the Lord to the point that we are looking down on people who are “less orthodox” than us. A noteworthy message – and I personally felt rebuked and refreshed.

3. For the mini-meet up of PSA! Though we spent more time travelling than on the actual swimming, I am grateful for the relaxation and bonding that we had this holy week. It’s always good to be connected with awesome people. More to come guys!

4. The Easter message continues to reverberate in my mind. I just noticed that for most people, Easter Sunday is just another holiday marked red on their calendars. Yet, as I listen intently on the message, I am reminded that there is really power in Jesus’ resurrection – otherwise our faith is useless, like what the Apostle Paul said. As the song goes “And life is worth the living just because He lives!”. Thank you Jesus for your resurrection.

5. My current LSS:

How’s your holy week guys?