Train of Thanks 16

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

How strenuous it is trying to accomplish so many things at a time, but I am glad God never fails to supply me with much needed strength for day to day.  Let me share some of the highlights of my week for this thanksgiving series.

  1. I am not new to series of meetings but whenever I face such events, just like what happened this weekend, I feel like I need double portion of strength to sanely participate in all the brainstorming sessions and reporting. I thank the Lord for reminding me that all my labor for His sake is never in vain, and that I am working for a kingdom that will never be shaken.
  2. After careful prayer and consideration, I took the challenge of taking the youth ministry leadership for the church. I can still remember how I refuse to work with the youth department since I know I am not that relational and I do not have a charismatic personality. Yet here I am, excited to chart the ministry game plan with my enthusiastic partner. I am personally excited for God’s mighty moving in the lives of the youth of our church!
  3. With regards to the Youth Ministry lead post that I accepted, I was officially installed last Sunday, along with all the appointed church officers. With our official appointment comes my prayer that a ministry offered to the Lord and presented for accountability in front of the church is a ministry that is to be empowered and be taken care of God.
  4. I am thankful that the verse “steady plodding brings prosperity”, something I first encountered when I attended a Biblical Financial Study by Crown Financial, inspires me to save even a meager amount of money, for I know the sacrifice will soon pay off. My meager savings and sacrifices a few months back became my source for very timely expenses and purchases. Now, I am trying to increase my savings. J
  5. Last Sunday, I had a very wonderful time of reflection and recreation. It is good to hear messages of confirmation from the Lord, knowing that you have been praying for God’s encouragement for your undertakings. In addition, I was brought by my friend to a cosplay event at SMX, something that is very new to me. I felt so entertained. But the highlight of the day was when I am just gazing upon the waters on the bay side. Very relaxing.

We will never run out of things to be thankful for from day to day. What’s yours?