The splendor of creation won’t be complete without you.

SplendorI believe that God created the moon and the stars

But why do they all sparkle in your eyes?

That God sends lightning in the skies,

But why do they flash every time you smile?

While lilies grow and tomorrow die,

Your beauty fades not with the passage of time

God has commanded mankind to love

But towards you, I would give more than enough.

The splendor of creation won’t be complete without you

For you work wonders even with simple things you do

Each day of my life I desire to win your heart

In this life, to keep you forever will be my lasting part.

You are a treasure in the deep

A diamond I’m willing to keep

And if you can be reduced to anything of value

You can only be measured by my love for you.

ABC’s of Love

With all these letters, still words cannot express.

ABC's of LoveAlluring beauty is what you’ve got

Blissful feeling, hope will end not.

Crazy about you, eyes, lips, everything about you,

Delighted to take part in everything you do.

Enchanted like caught in the heat of May,

Falling for your antics day after day.

Good times and bad times may come between us

Holding hands, together, anything we’ll both outlast.

I love you, I mean it and it sums it all,

Joy, peace and everything in between already took its toll.

Kindred spirits, that best describes when in love we both fell,

Laughter, food, pictures and prayer as well.

Mesmerizing looks, oh I can never resist,

Never ending love to you I’ll always insist.

Other half, that’s what you are to me,

Passionately I’ll prove that and your eyes will see.

Quickly beating heart, pounding and shouts your fame,

Resonating with emotions, it won’t stop until you affix my name.

Special attention to you I will never hold back,

Through thick and thin, until the last tick of the clock.

Unconditional love is what I desire to give you,

Vibrant affection, and concern that is true.

With all these letters, still words cannot express –

XOXO. Allow me to end with hugs and kisses.

You complete me. I can imagine my life without you, –

Zip, zero.

Quote 5


Yet loving her is to accept that she’ll soon leave.

I love mornings

She kisses my forehead and whisper “I’m just here”

And promises that she’ll lend me a listening ear.

She shoves away my fears,

And wipes away my tears.

Oh, I love mornings!

Yet loving her is to accept that she’ll soon leave

With a promise to return again –

To kiss my forehead as she whisper “I’m just here”

And promise me that she’ll lend me a listening ear.

She will shove away my fears,

And wipe away my tears.

I love mornings!

PSA Captu[r]esday entry 01

Theme: Mornings

Morong, Rizal; 01.09.12

Under and Over

Why don’t you take my hand and let’s get through the years instead?

Under and OverWe are under the blanket of heaven’s beauty

Showered with wonder, captivating us truly.

Under the sparkling bright colors adding joy to the night

Yet what captivates me more is your presence – in plain sight.

I’m not over you yet, I guess

Through the years, to me you are still the best.

Over my mind and into my heart,

You will always have the most precious part.

I’m under your spell in you’re over my head;

Why don’t you take my hand and let’s get through the years instead?

2016 is up in a few! If there’s one song that perfectly fits as my “yearender”, I highly think this is the one. Happy New Year world!

Now that we’ve Met Again

Heaven rejoiced when I came to see your face.

Now that we've met againIt’s been a long while since we last saw each other

Many things have changed between the two of us –

You had your own way, I had mine

But I wonder what’s on God’s mind why He brought us together.

Called from both sides of the world

Who would think we’d finally meet?

All along I’m wondering where have you been.

‘Til the opportunity came without me seeking it.

Heaven rejoiced when I came to see your face

It’s much like I won in a very prestigious race

And the much awaited prize I’m yearning to have

Is the fact that I came to see you now.

Everyone will envy me for again I finally meet

The person who has led me where everything began

And I will always treasure this moment with the one

The very person whom has taught me what is love.

Written 10.16.11 @ JRU 

To all my Friends

I’ll never run out of reasons to thank the Lord for friends who always warm my life.

To all my friendsAs I reflect upon the year

Since I first step into existence,

I couldn’t help but be amazed

For God’s gifts called friends.

In the rugged path I’m trudging

Wonderful people I have met.

Some chose to stay, while others left

But their memories are remembered and kept.

When I’m with them the joy turns double

And in times of doubt they offer me hope.

In my frailties they refuse to mumble —

Helping hands present when heavier came each load.

Jesus lifts up my banner,

My friends lift up my hands;

They are more than encouragement

As we enter the Promised Land.

I’ll never run out of reasons to thank the Lord

For friends who always warm my life;

They may not be perfect, so am I,

But as long as they’re present, I know life’s worthwhile.

Originally written: 11.29.11

(c) Facebook birthday greeting

Malaking shout-outs muna!

I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to all the people who remembered me on my birthday, especially those greeted me personally, those who called, who texted, messaged me via PM on Facebook or posted their greeting on my timeline. I may not be able to name you all but you know who you are! May God bless you all richly.

I feel so blessed hearing commendations from people who appreciate my craft in writing, though there are times I’m think that I do not have an audience in the genre I am writing about. For those who read my blogs, my sincerest thanks! It is my utmost desire to minister with every poem, with every hugot, with every reflection, with every personal testimony and experiences, and with every blog I post here and in my other blog – www.heartsandhalo.blogspot.com.



On the Other Side

“Come here, my Son, and receive your blessings.”

On the Other SideOn the other side of the fence

There you’ll see —

Life in its complete beauty:

A view of peaceful simplicity.

On the other side of the fence

There you’ll find —

Lasting peace you’re searching

You can’t have while waiting.

Look beyond the usual things you look at:

Broaden your horizon, stretch out your perspective.

Take courage and face the risk

And see what kind life He wants you to live.

Only on the other side of the fence

Will your blessings flow freely.

It is prepared to those who longs to follow

No matter how hard it is and costly.

On the other side of the fence

God is patiently waiting.

His arms wide open while gently saying,

“Come here, my Son, and receive your blessings.”

Written 03.25.10