Train of Thanks 02

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

The world stood shocked as news of another terrorist attacks streamed our SNS feeds and TV screens. According to news, this attack on Paris is the deadliest since World War II, leaving at least 120 deaths and the ISIS claiming responsibility.

As if it is not enough, suicide bombings have also taken place both in Baghdad and Beirut. Earthquakes also occurred both in Japan and Mexico. Add to the list all the tragic events in various cities of the world that has not even reached the attention of mainstream and social media.

In times like these, we must join hands and hearts in prayer, not just for Paris – but for every nation of the world. “For kingship belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations.” Ps. 22:28 and “The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” Ps.145:18.

In spite of all the heartbreaking news and in keeping with my thanksgiving series, here is my train of thanks for the week:

  1. Meetings. I thank God for sustaining me with wisdom and strength as I supply reports for our ministry meetings. While I admit there are still lapses and I need to improve more in many areas, still I am thankful for the personal lessons I receive. Especially when it comes to the area of excellence, both in output and attitude.
  2. Social Media Testimony. I received an unexpected personal message from a person I look up to. Intimidated with his achievements and his personality, I hesitated to even reply to his very simple questions about my church and my faith. There were actually nothing significant that happen after that discourse for it was just a simple Q&A yet it left me with a realization that your social media can be a reflection of your personality – especially if you are true to what you share online. Our short discourse happened because he saw my posts about my faith. Therefore, I can say that your social media posts have the power to draw people or to keep them away.
  3. Traffic. Just hearing the news about everyday traffic is so sickening, yet to experience them on a daily basis is another story. This is why I am grateful that my office is just a couple of minutes walk away from our home. When I was still working in Mandaluyong, I know how it feels like to endure and survive the concrete jungle of EDSA and Aurora Blvd every single day. And now that I no longer have to spend much time commuting, I see to it I am spending my time in more productive activities. I just pray that this hellish traffic situation in the Metro will be resolved the soonest possible time. We deserve better.
  4. Home-cooked Sinigang. Nothing beats the taste and satisfaction of a home-cooked sinigang prepared by your mother. This is pure bliss.
  5. DepFest Reloaded. This week’s instalment for our church’s department festival is a blast. I had so much fun watching performances, lalo na sa mga taong di mo inaakala! Who says that to be a Christian is to be boring? It is such a joy to realize that even inside the church, genuine laughter and fun is possible, as we give God the praise for our talents.

How about you, what are you thankful for this week?

– Marts –