Working on a Tight Schedule

A task may demand for your time but a discerning person knows that not every task has to be accommodated.

Last year, with the overwhelming amount of tasks and projects that almost blew me away, I could not believe I was able to make it out completely sane to continue another year. Haha! I had to work with people in facilitating camps, conferences and other programs. I had to make reports and attend to a lot of meetings within and outside of my usual work. If not for the grace and sustenance of the Lord, I am not sure how things will work out for me. But God is good! He strengthens me and continues to do so!

Working on a Tight Schedule

Come 2018, and TADAA! Tasks seem to double and expectations turned gargantuan. If you are like me who finds it more difficult to say NO to people than the actual task itself, this is nothing but normal. Also, if you are like me who never backs out of challenges, this just fuels creativity, passion, and foresight within. But honestly, some challenges really take the best of me.

Speaking of foresight, one thing that concerns me for the rest of the year is how will I manage my limited time when commitments REALLY overlap. Before, whichever is written first on my calendar has the priority over my schedule. If a ministry meeting is announced on a certain day but I already have a prior commitment with my college friends for a catch-up session, I will choose the latter and excuse myself for the ministry meeting. This is because I value commitments. However, I think this should not always be the case. A task may demand for your time but a discerning person knows that not every task has to be accommodated. With this in mind, I drafted a simple scheme to help me decide which task or project takes priority.

DISCLAIMER: After seeing my decision-making guide, you may think that I am too fickle-minded and incompetent to decide for myself. Please don’t judge me. I just want to put my life in order. Haha!

FIRST: Identify your commitments and group them accordingly.

Since my day usually revolves around spreadsheets, I jot down my commitments and tasks using color coded-schematic.

Sched 1

I wrote these tasks and commitments in random. Other things are sure to be added as I remember them. But take note that I grouped my major activities into four areas: Ministry, Work, Relationships and Outlets. Since I am working in a church organization, sometimes Work and Ministry overlap, which is both a pro- and a con- because they often have shared schedule. Nevertheless, I have to define which is which.

* Outlets are activities that help me de-stress when toxicity level escalates.

SECOND: Decide which of your major commitments takes priority over the other.

Inasmuch as I would like to have it as: Relationships – Ministry – Work – Outlets, this is not always the case. Often, Work comes first because it is my primary source of income and usually demands most of my time, followed by Ministry. Relationships come third because they are the most capable of understanding your schedule. Outlets come last because obviously, rest and relaxation comes after all the work has been exhausted, not during and definitely not prior.

Sched 2

* No, I am not trying to rank which is more important and significant than the other, I’m just trying to assess my commitments based on practicality of scheduling. You may have a different view regarding this.

THIRD: Group your specific tasks into HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW

HIGH – meaning this really has to be prioritized because not doing so will compromise your schedule.

MEDIUM – this can be postponed to a later time but must be given attention to afterwards, otherwise will compromise your schedule.

LOW – you can excuse yourself out of these without any drastic effect on your schedule, but can be attended to when the luxury of time permits.


 * I intentionally left some tasks covered so I won’t offend some people because they just ranked medium or low on my priorities. I devised this to help me in decision making, and to spare myself from entangled commitments.

With this scheme, it will be much easier for me to decide which tasks must be attended to first because I have already decided their order of priority. Also, this is a reminder that things has to be done promptly so commitments will not stack, hence a disaster schedule.

Anyway, ang dami kong time at di halatang busy. Hahaha!

If you think this might help you, you may download one through this link: Commitments Diagram. ‘Til next post!

How Waiting Benefits Us

May hinihintay ka ba? Seize this moment to savor the benefits of waiting.

As I am writing this piece, I am waiting for some things to happen:

  • Naghihintay ako ng isang major news for a major project I am working on.
  • Naghihintay ako ng weekend para makanood ng Kita Kita, dahil sobra na akong nai-spoil sa mga feeds sa timeline ko.
  • Naghihintay ako for that ‘great idea’ para marami na ako ulit na masulat dito sa blog kong ito.
  • I’m playing “Last Day on Earth” sa android phone ko at hinihintay kong matapos yung ‘walking time’ ng character ko.
  • Dahil kakatapos lang ng payday, hinihintay ko ulit yung susunod.
  • Ok, hinihintay ko siya. Hahaha!

How Waiting Benefits UsHonestly and modesty aside, alam ko na mahaba ang pisi ko when it comes to waiting. Pero syempre may mga araw at pagkakataon rin talaga na napipigtas din ang pisi ko. Naiinip rin ako, lalo na kung ang usapan ay mabagal na download speed ng internet! Naku, sobrang nakakainip at nakakainis yan.

Pero I know of some people na sobra-sobrang mainipin. Yung hindi mapakali kapag napirme sila sa isang lugar. Nagbigay ka na ng limang minuto at sigurado ka naman na dadating within that span of time, pero still, maiinip at maiinip pa rin sila.

Minsan may nakasabay kaming kumain sa isang ‘paluto’ food place. Dahil peak hours at maraming tao masyado, obviously matagal ang service. Pero after an hour of waiting, o higit pa siguro, iba na ang naging timpla ng lalaki. Nagmumura na siya, nanggagalaiti sa galit. Medyo cringe moment kasi nasa harapan ko siya. Ako rin naman sobrang naiinip na sa sobrang tagal ng order namin, pero hindi yata kaya ng powers ko ang magsisigaw sa isang public place.

O siguro kanya-kanya lang talaga ng tolerance yan. Ako kasi, I always have a book handy sa mga panahong napapalaban ako sa hintayan. Bawas bagot, bawas lungkot.

Pero bakit nga kaya may mga waiting season tayo? Like sa prayers. Bakit kailangan pa nating maghintay e alam naman na ni Lord ang mga laman ng puso natin. Tapos makapangyarihan pa Siya. Bakit kailangang umabot pa tayo sa mga pagkakataon na halos mag-breakdown na tayo sa paghihintay? Pero syempre, tanong ko, sagot ko. Haha! Here are some of my reflections while I am right here, in front of my laptop, waiting.

Waiting frees us time to do other things

In my case, habang naghihintay ng susunod na activity, nagawa kong magsulat. Bagay na hindi ko masyadong magawa lately sa sobrang kabusy-han. Kagaya rin ng nabanggit ko kanina, ang paghihintay ay panahon ko to catch up on my reading. Waiting time is actually a breather. Nasubukan mo na bang matagalan sa pila para makapagdeposit sa banko? Actually time ko yun para makapag-relax sa araw-araw kong pag-upo sa office. Hindi naman masama ang paghihintay, pero syempre I don’t want to be hypocritical na gusto ko talaga na palaging maghintay.

Waiting time is actually a breather… It gives us a pause.

Pero come to think of it: waiting gives us a sudden break from what doing successive things. It gives us a pause. Para hindi ka naman ma-umay sa buhay.

Waiting reveals something in us

During those times na sobrang inip na inip ako, lumalabas ang attitude ko pagdating sa isang bagay. Halimbawa na lang kapag sobrang bagal ng internet, tapos totally mawawalan talaga ako ng connection, naku buong araw talaga na naiinis ako. Sa isip ko sobrang galit na galit ako sa mga network providers for giving us crappy service. Pero sa totoo lang, I know in my heart na kaya ko naman tumagal kahit walang internet.

Kapag naghihintay tayo at naiinip, minsan nakakagawa tayo ng mga bagay na nagbibigay ng clue sa ating mga priorities. Siguro in my case, may mild case ako ng FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Kaya saludo ako sa mga singles na marunong maghintay e, kasi it just proves na their priorities in life far exceeds their desire for romantic relationship.

Waiting strengthens our faith in what is to come

Nothing purifies our faith best than the season of waiting. Si Father Abraham, ang tagal ng hinintay niya bago siya biyayaan ng anak – umabot muna siya ng 100 years old!


More than doing things to fit into your schedule while waiting, mas magandang madevelop ang ating faith and hope na “He who promised can be trusted”.

Si Jacob, naghintay ng 7 years (plus 7 years ulit para maging totally legit) bago makuha ang pinakamamahal niyang si Rachel.  Si Jesus din, naghintay muna ng 30 years bago tuluyang mag-embark sa kanyang public ministry. Faith is tested and purified through seasons of waiting.

More than doing things to fit into your schedule while waiting, mas magandang madevelop ang ating faith and hope na “He who promised can be trusted”. May mga pangako si Lord sa atin na kailangan nating hintayin ang katuparan. And while waiting, anong dapat nating maging attitude? Dapat mas nagiging dependent tayo kay Lord, mas nagiging excited tayo kay Lord, at higit sa lahat dapat mas nagiging faithful tayo kay Lord. At ang paghihintay natin ang magde-determine kung ganito nga ba ang nagiging attitude natin sa Kanya. We should love Him more than His gifts and promises. We should love Him for who He is.

May hinihintay ka ba? Seize this moment to savor the benefits of waiting.

Ok, balik na ako sa android game ko 🙂

Train of Thanks 03

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

Another work week ahead of us guys! Let us all welcome MONDAY! Taada!

While this day is the least loved day of the week, if we’ll just look back how things went through last week, we can greet Mondays not with “here we go again” but with enthusiastic “let’s get it on!”.

So here’s my train of thanks for last week:

  1. I received separate messages from my college classmate and from an online friend regarding job opportunities – one related to accounting and the other one related to content writing. While there are no confirmations yet and I haven’t started with both, I feel so grateful for people who remember me and include me on their list.
  2. This APEC Week gave me time to revisit my published articles in my college student paper. It feels good to read my poems and editorial columns, and be reminded of all the stories behind those articles. In my future posts, one by one they will have life again. Ohh, this APEC Week I was also able to catch up with my bank reconciliation back logs for the office. I think this is yet my most productive free time I can remember. Haha! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend our Satellite PM because I forced myself too hard, ending up in a headache.
  1. For three times this week, I roamed Marikina at night with my bike – twice with Kuya Benj and on one occasion, I am alone. It feels good to go on a road trip on a bike, especially when it is night – less vehicles to share the road with, cool breeze and of course, we are under the blanket of stars. I really appreciate the City Government of Marikina for providing bike lanes for people who’d rather ride bikes than motorized vehicles.
  2. The culmination of our DepFest Reloaded 2015 was a blast! As a department we are not expecting to be hailed second placer out of the seven church departments. But more than the competition was the joy we have shared as a church. It is good to see people who used to be silent in church joining games such as news casting, chorale reading, Dubsmash competition, among others. Indeed, the church is a pool of talented individuals that can be tapped for ministries for the greater glory of God.
  3. This Sunday’s Message spoke to me personally especially when I took the challenge “consider your ways”. One must give careful thought on the purpose of his new life. To be derailed in your purpose, to be distracted in your priorities is to miss out God’s mighty work in your life. Now that God is bringing me into a “special” season of life, I know that He has something for me to do – but I must not get distracted otherwise I will lose sight of what He has for me.

How about you, what are you thankful for this week?

Train of Thanks 01

Because we’ll never run out of things to be grateful for.

I’ve been planning of to do this series for a long time but procrastination has taken over me – sa mahabang panahon! There were blessings in the past, both big and small, yet I wasn’t able to declare my how grateful I am for all those blessings. Beginning this Monday, , I’d like to put pressure on myself so I can get more things done. Enough of pabebe days. Haha!

So what are the things that I am thankful for this week? Let me recall…

  1. I got a new buddy to help me in my tasks! Yay! This means, more blogs to post, maximized internet connection (and fee) and more encouragement/pressure to finish my long overdue dream book! Isama na lahat ng pwedeng trabahuhin! De joke lang.
  2. I happen to pass by Book Sale in SM City Taytay (my first time to visit the place) and saw a book entitled Your Money Map by Howard Dayton, CEO of Crown Financial Ministries. Upon skimming the contents, I’ve learned that this book complements my lessons from Biblical Financial Study course I completed a few months back. I feel pumped up! Na hindi ko rin alam kung bakit. Haha
  3. New set of friends! My P.S.A. /blogger friends who are so warm-hearted and welcoming plus a great source of hugot lessons and encouragement + tons of tawa and sabaw moments.
  4. PayPal payment from my client. I am a part-time VA at night actually, and receiving a notification from PayPal is a delight. Hallelujah!
  5. This Sunday’s topic about priorities is ‘dart sa heart’. At the end of the message, it made me evaluate all my decisions in the past and my desires for the future. Am I really giving God the credit due Him as evidenced by my priorities? Something to ponder.

And in all of this, the highest praise is to God!

How about you, what are you thankful for the past week?

– Marts