Occasional Visitor

I’m right here waiting, to have and to hold.

You are an occasional visitor to my heart

You have the keys; you know every part.

I’m willing to make you its owner, right from the start

Yet you still choose to leave, leaving me torn apart.

It should have been easy by now

I must have been used to how it feels

But the way you keep me hoping

makes everything so real!

Surreal – this is how it seems .

Whenever we’re together

I wonder if I’m in a dream.

Then times up! You’re leaving

Yet again, one more time

It should have been easy by now;

I am not yours, you’re not mine

And neither will there be “us” to shine.

You are not a person my heart can keep

You’re a mere visitor, you return whenever you desire

But when you find yourself restless and needs fixed abode

I’m right here waiting, to have and to hold.

Three Episodes of Unrequited Love

Unrequited love it is
now I have to let you go.

Three Episodes of Unrequited LoveEp 1

It started with a smile,

that faint smile you returned

as I gaze upon your eyes.

That smile that stirred

a dozen feeling of surprise

and of wonder –

do you even remember

how I long to surrender

my heart, my all in all

as I promise you forever?

But what I received instead

is your faint smile, and a goodbye.

Ep 2

Through the seasons

emotions have confirmed

My spirit’s been filled

to the brim, overflowing;

my feelings for you

just keep on growing.

This is something I can’t hide

no more holding back!

But when I begin to reach out

You insisted I should stop.

Bewildered, taken aback –

why does it have to feel like an attack?

Ep 3

There’s a joy that screams within

and pushes me to be bolder.

I must tell you how I feel –

it is now or never!

I don’t want to digress

from this desire to express

my love, my devotion,

my sincerest affection

but you just sternly said ‘no’

even before I let you know.

Unrequited love it is

now I have to let you go.